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Yulik Yagudin’s Top Ten: Why audio engineers should be respected

Yulik Yagudin has spent the last three and a half years working as senior audio engineer at one of the largest private audio post houses in Moscow, CineLab SoundMix. They offer all aspects of audio post production.

Yagudin has music in his blood. He was born in Moscow, Russia, to a family of musicians. After graduating from Moscow Conservatory College of Music as a percussion player, he stayed on for two more years… that’s when his love of audio engineering drove him into the recording studio and the television world.

What followed always involved many various aspects of sound work, including writing/arranging music for TV and commercials, editing and mixing sound for TV, commercials and film, building and setting up video and sound post production facilities.


Yulick Yagudin

His engineering work also includes developing and maintaining a production workflow for Oscar-winning animation director Alexander Petrov.

So, now that you have his background, here is Yagudin’s Top Ten list of why audio engineers deserve respect.

10. Unlike many other people, they know that if you move fader up, it will sound louder.

9. They also know that if you move fader down – you’re the professional.

8. They can survive a disaster such as a last minute picture re-edit after the mix has been completed.

7. They can convince the client that it sounds louder, while it actually does not.

6. They know no plug-in makes sound better, but they never let that secret out.

5. They know how to handle a soldering iron, but nobody really respects that.

4. They know such things as Ohm’s Law, Nyqist’s Law, Weber-Fechner Law, but they would never sue you based on that knowledge.

3. If cornered, they will talk to the client, but usually they mix much better than they talk.

2. They know the difference between decibel and imbecile.

And the number one reason you should respect sound engineers…

They realize the sound budget of a project never reflects its importance, but they continue to work in the business anyway.

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