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XenData offering LTO tape-to-cloud migration service

So you have safely archived your content on sturdy, cost-effective LTO drives, but now what? According to XenData, a provider of high-capacity data storage solutions based on hybrid cloud, data tape and optical cartridges, while LTO tape cartridges have a shelf-life of 30 years, after several years there is a need to migrate the LTO cartridge contents to current technology media to avoid the need to maintain old generations of tape drives and systems.

To serve this need, XenData has launched a service to migrate files archived on LTO tape cartridges to cloud storage. XenData archive storage systems have built-in migration capabilities that make it easy for users to seamlessly migrate their files from old generations of LTO to either the latest LTO formats or to the cloud.

This service uses its unique migration technologies to transfer content from LTO to the cloud. Supported data formats include LTFS, Cache-A TAR, XenData TAR and Front Porch DIVA proprietary formats. Contents may be categorized and re-organized before being migrated to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Wasabi public clouds. Alternatively, contents may be migrated to the latest LTO formats: either 6 TB LTO7 or 12 TB LTO8 cartridges.

According to XenData CEO Dr. Phil Storey, “Our service is aimed at organizations involved in creative media that have files stored on LTO cartridges and they want to make the content easily accessible. It is especially relevant to users that have old LTO cartridges written using legacy systems and they want to stop maintaining their old hardware. Often they are fearful that the old hardware will stop working and they are then going to lose access to their content. In other cases, the equipment has actually stopped working and they have already lost access to their archived files.”

This service is available now.

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