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Wohler bringing Tachyon Wormhole 2.0 to HPA Tech Retreat

Wohler Technologies has updated its Tachyon Wormhole version 2. This joint venture from Wohler and Cinnafilm provides automated file-based retiming and standards conversion in a single appliance. They will have the product on display at the upcoming HPA Tech Retreat taking place in Indian Wells, California, next month.

Wohler’s RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform provides the processing engine for the Tachyon Wormhole appliance, which runs Cinnafilm’s Tachyon algorithms. Tachyon Wormhole enables a plus or minus run-time adjustment of media assets by content owners or broadcasters while preserving the overall viewer experience including not only video and audio quality, but also closed caption integrity. By shortening or lengthening the run-time of program content, providers can meet the time requirements of a network without undertaking time-consuming, hands-on editing. (Check out postPerspective’s interview with Performance Post on how they use the system.)

Some Details
Among the updates to Tachyon Wormhole is segmented retiming. Rather than retime the file as a whole, operators can use timecodes to designate certain regions or segments of a media file to be retimed. In this manner, users can also exclude certain segments from retiming. For example, this functionality would allow the operator to prevent an opening credit sequence from being adjusted.

The new release of Tachyon Wormhole also will include an application-specific user interface that gives users a straightforward mechanism for preparing and launching a retiming project.

Tachyon Wormhole is available directly from Wohler and from a select network of value-added resellers. The new version 2 release is available now.

The Tachyon Wormhole product received an HPA Engineering Excellence Award last year.

Image: Hardik Shah, a Wohler quality assurance engineer, working with the new interface.


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