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Walking the floor of NAB: The day my brain melted

By Adrian Winter

The floor show of NAB opened today, and I as well as other members of the Nice Shoes team were there at the bright and early to see what the exhibitors had to offer.

The first stop on the show floor was at the FilmLight booth where I got a demo of the Baselight for Nuke plug-in. One of the strengths of having integrated color and post inhouse at Nice Shoes is the ability to go back into the color suite once a spot is conformed and comped for a final grading pass.

The caveat with this workflow is that often we will get a last-minute revision from the client after we have gone through the final grade. Ordinarily, this would require pushing the revised spot through the Baselight again, but with the Baselight for Nuke plugin, our compositors will be able to take a blg.exr file exported from Baselight, load the grade into Nuke and apply it in the node tree at the end of the comp, thereby eliminating the need to go back into the color suite after the revision. This represents a real time saver for us, and I am excited to experiment with its use on future jobs.

The next stop was at the SGO booth for a demo of Mistika, a powerful all-in-one Hero Suite offering editing, vfx, grading and finishing toolsets at blazing fast speeds. While still a relatively young product, Mistika shows a lot of promise, having cemented its reputation through its involvement in a number of feature film workflows.

I finished out the day at the Autodesk booth, where I was able to see a number of the new features to be released in flame 2016. Autodesk seems to have taken a number of customer comments to heart and made some excellent refinements to flame’s interface, finalizing the reconstruction of the desktop workflow, and incorporating desktop reels into batch. Additionally they have added Matchbox shader functionality to action, and the new Lightbox feature allows you to use lights within action to “cast” effects and color correction on to a scene. For a more detailed list of features, check out this link.

In the evening, the Nice Shoes team regrouped for a fantastic dinner at Capital Grille, the lateness of which explains in part the brevity of today’s entry. Much like the steak I had for dinner, I am still digesting everything I saw on the floor, so I will most likely be doing a recap at the end of the week where I will elaborate further on my thoughts about everything I have and will see on the floor. For now I hope that this was enough to pique everyone’s interest. It certainly left me feeling very excited and inspired.

Adrian Winter is the VFX supervisor at New York City-based Nice Shoes Creative Studio.

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