IBC 2015

Frame.io has updated its app to Version 3.6 and introduced a new tool that works on Mac and

When the show couldn't shoot in their studio anymore, the Seth Meyers team — including associate director/lead editor

Streambox offers virtual sessions with Streambox Cloud, solutions for remote color grading/VFX, sound and editorial, and the Chroma X

Audio Design Desk's new audio app, created by this musician/filmmaker, comes with over 20,000 free sounds embedded

Sonnet adds CFexpress/XQD to its SF3 series of media readers, introduced an HDX Edition Echo Express III expansion system


NetApp is creating data fabrics for M&E customers that span on-premises and cloud infrastructure by employing the

Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive 2.0, which works with Adobe Premiere, has been updated with some new features, has added

Digital Nirvana recently introduced Trance 3.0 for automating transcriptions and captioning. Other post tools driven by AI include Media

James Knight fills us in on how AMD’s Threadripper 3 and Epyc speed up VFX, rendering and high-end post

HPA president Seth Hallen fills us in on what the HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) has been doing for its members

The Studio-B&H has adapted to this new world by scaling up its bandwidth to offer technical support

Skywalker Sound and Cinnafilm have created an audio tools suite that includes automated loudness correction, stitching and retiming.

Jon talks about Signiant Jet that was launched at NAB last year and continues to expand through the industry. Improvements

Its new consultancy service, Puget Labs, will provide customers with detailed recommendations on the ideal workstation, configured to each user

Dell's solutions for remote work, including Teradici technology, allow pros to work securely from home, while accessing workstations in

Quantum's F1000 NVMe product is a lower-cost option for smaller animation and post houses. More StorNext products are

AJA covers new updates for post pros, including Desktop Software v.15.5.3, which brings new improvements to Kona

Lee discusses EditShare's new EFS 2020 file system, which includes realtime auditing, native drivers for workstations, management console, and

Dell EMC's Isilon is now offering 25GB on ethernet ports, Data IQ, advancements in persistent storage, workflow orchestration solutions

Telestream acquired Tektronix Video a year ago. Here they discuss the latest version of Prism, which monitors HDR signals (and

Mistika 10, a massive upgrade to Mistika Boutique and Mistika Ultima, offers a new color GUI, a complete overhaul of

Maxon Cinema 4D R22 is now available as a subscription offering. The release goes wide in September, offering UV enhancements

Autodesk Flame 2021 offers new facial isolation tools via AI and ML. It also includes support for Dolby Vision HDR

Productions, Adobe's multi- or single-user collaborative workflow tool within its Premiere Pro editing app, is now available. Adobe

DigitalFilm Tree's previous experience working in the cloud has put them into position to meet the current need for

Katie Hinsen from Nice Shoes talks about her role as executive producer and Nice Shoes' move into visual effects. With

Xytech has introduced a new UX, mobility solutions and elastic SeaS options,  plus a new monthly rental model, including

Dalet's AmberFin continues to offer transcode and workflow automation features for post production facilities, alongside improvements to the

Brandon Heaslip from Colofront talks about how the company's products were used to enable color-consistent 4K/6K/8K

Greg Ciaccio talks about the workflow for The Lost Lederhosen. He was first assistant director and second AC running slate

Frame.io's Michael Cioni talks about how the company's cloud collaboration platform was used on the HPA Tech

This year's Tech Retreat Super Session was on moviemaking and followed an independent short film called The Lost Lederhosen

Save Yourselves! editor Sofi Marshall talks about cutting the film and her workflow.

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The editor of Scare Me, Patrick Lawrence, talks to postPerspective's Brady Betzel about editing and his process.

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Black Bear's writer/director Lawrence Michael Levine lures us into a tense and intrepid tale of gender dynamics and

Jeff Gilbert is the Editor and Connor Hall is the Assistant Editor of the Sundance US Grand Jury Prize Documentary

New York-based Gil Seltzer talks about his path to editing and his work on Aggie. Special Thanks to Adobe

Spree, which focuses on a guy who drives for a ridesharing company, who has come up with the perfect way

Texas-based editor Courtney Ware used Adobe Premiere to edit the film Miss Juneteenth. Here she talks about her process

Contributor Brady Betzel went to Sundance 2020 to interview some editors. Here he talks technique with editor/director/writer Adam

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Jack and Tomasz talk about joining SMPTE and building the UK section, and how they help educate people about DCP

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Ness' Sujay Kumar talks about their software product engineering, extending existing company's development and engineering arm. Ness has been

Blackbox's Chris Hsu talks about their Emerald Unified KVM Platform, how it works with all network switches and also

At this year's SMPTE conference, GrayMeta talks about their data platform solutions, utilizing AI to build efficiency and power

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Ownzones is building a media logistics platform in the cloud. They were at the conference showing FrameDNA, a consolidation tool

Pat Griffis, whose day job is with Dolby, has been involved with SMPTE for over 20 years and has been

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Dalet, which offers MAM, supply chains, video servers and transcoders, this summer Dalet purchased the Ooyala Flex Media Platform.

Director of Standards Development Thomas Bause Mason discusses his work dealing with headquarters infrastructure, platforms, the standards development calibration tool

Larry talks about their 20 year history, specializing in media workflows. He talks about the Tektronix acquisition, and how the

Naveen outlines IEEE's organization and membership, and how they are showcasing the SMPTE Digital Library through IEEE Explorer.

Renard talks about the Storyteller Sessions at SMPTE, and his role as a governor for the organization. He also shares

Todd Douglas Miller, director of the Apollo 11 documentary, discusses the extensive footage they used to build the film, the

Bruno talks about Colorfront's new version of transcoder, onset dailies and express dailies, and talks about the drive behind

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Ariana discusses NHK's work in real time MTF measurements.

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Michael Krulik from Avid discusses Media Composer 2019 and its newest features, as well as Nexis storage that works closely

postPerspective was invited by SMPTE to host the exclusive coverage of their 2019 Awards Gala. The event was hosted by

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AJA was at the SMPTE Conference showing a variety of gear, including its 12G HDR Image Analyzer targeting those in

NASA's Rodney Grubbs and Dylan Mathis stopped by after their session where they hosted a live chat with the

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Film editor Roger Barton (Godzilla: King of Monsters, Terminator Genisys) stopped by to talk about Evercast, which allows editors to

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ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council Chair of Workflow Greg Ciaccio and team helped to create a QuickStart Guide on ACES

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Pliny is the co-founder of Endcrawl.com, a cloud tool for building and rendering end credits with unlimited do

creative.space is an on-premise managed storage service, so users get a NAS appliance at their studio (with support

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Josh Rizzo joins us to give us an update on eSports and its relationship to the traditional media and entertainment

Artel Video Systems specializes in media transport. They had to product lines at the conference: the InfinityLink/DigiLink broadcast media

Vela Research was at the SMPTE conference with its Encompass product, a compliance, monitoring, logging and IP-based multiviewer.


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Peter Collins, fresh off a long stint at UK's The Farm Group, talks about moving to LA and jumping

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Rohde & Schwarz were at SMPTE showing its storage product SpycerNode, which the company introduced in February. Also at the

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OWC provides external storage solutions for both Mac and PCs, and internal SSD upgrades and accessories for Macs. New at

Longtime member and former SMPTE president Pete Lude talks about joining the organization as a teen as well as his

Former astronaut and current filmmaker Terry Virts talks about making the documentary "One More Orbit," which focuses on a pilot

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Barbara Lange sat down with postPerspective to give us an update on where the organization is now, one year into

TAG Video Systems offers a software-based integrated IP multiviewing, probing and monitoring solutions capable of running on standard off

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Marc Zorn has been a member of SMPTE for 15 years and is involved in a number of the organization

Back in August, MovieLabs released a white paper envisioning the future of media creation in 2030 — it involves a

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Mark Harrison, who is a Governor of the UK section of SMPTE, talks to us about DPP, which tries to

Cinnafilm was on the exhibit floor talking about image processing, including the company's Xenon, which takes its grain management

In addition to his responsibilities at Codex, Brian Gaffney is the new SMPTE Hollywood chair. He talks about building a

Jonathan Solomon from IBM Aspera, a SMPTE member organization, talks about the benefits provided to individuals and organizations.

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Prolific sound supervisor Bernard Weiser also heads up EIPMA - Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance. He stopped by to talk about

ASG's John Shike was given an award at this year's SMPTE Conference for his student outreach efforts. He

SMPTE Fellow Michael Zink's day job is VP of Technology at Warner Bros. Here he talks about what drew

Efilm's Joachim Zell, fresh off the first Mexican ASC Master Class in Mexico City, talks about the evolution of

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Over the past year, Quantum introduced six new products, including the new F-Series NVMe storage solution. The latest version

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Colorfront Express Dailies has been upgraded with ProRes and Blackmagic Raw support. Additionally, Transkoder 2019 beta 1 build was announced

Ncam had the beta version of its new camera bar on its stand — it is 5x lighter, more accurate

Object Matrix supplies storage systems as well as software around that storage to enable users to easily manage that storage

Cinnafilm was at the show with partner Technicolor talking about how their solution gets you from SDR content into HDR

Blackmagic Raw has been updated and is now supported by a variety of cameras (Panasonic, Canon) and software. Users can

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OWC had a variety of its storage products on its stand, including the new Envoy Pro 2TB drive that is

Dell Technologies was at the show talking about its hybrid cloud strategy — a mixture of on-prem, public and

Arvato Systems launched updates to its EditMate system, including a new Web UI and connections to its Vidinet platform allowing

This director and executive producer for Freeride World Tour talks about producing quality skiing competition videos quickly. Her team uses

Signiant specializes in moving large files quickly between people, systems and to and from the cloud. The company was at

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AJA was at the show with new products and updates, including the HDR Image Analyzer 12G, the Kumo 6464-12G

R&S' Clipster, a content mastering and delivery system, has been upgraded. It now includes the final content mapping

Technicolor London senior colorist Alex Gascoigne spoke at the show about working in HDR on Black Mirror as well as

Facilis' newly shipped Hub shared storage system had its European debut and the company previewed Hub 8 and FastTracker 3

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EditShare upgraded its file system EFS to Version 2020.Their Flow MAM was also upgraded to Version 2020, and that

Berlin's CinePostProduction created the COPRA dailies system based on their own needs. It allows you to upload dailies footage

There have been many updates to Baselight for both color grading and workflow, including making the tool more HDR friendly