Brandon Heaslip from Colofront talks about how the company's products were used to enable color-consistent 4K/6K/8K

Greg Ciaccio talks about the workflow for The Lost Lederhosen. He was first assistant director and second AC running slate's Michael Cioni talks about how the company's cloud collaboration platform was used on the HPA Tech

This year's Tech Retreat Super Session was on moviemaking and followed an independent short film called The Lost Lederhosen

Save Yourselves! editor Sofi Marshall talks about cutting the film and her workflow.

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Category: Sundance 2020

The editor of Scare Me, Patrick Lawrence, talks to postPerspective's Brady Betzel about editing and his process.

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Black Bear's writer/director Lawrence Michael Levine lures us into a tense and intrepid tale of gender dynamics and

Jeff Gilbert is the Editor and Connor Hall is the Assistant Editor of the Sundance US Grand Jury Prize Documentary

New York-based Gil Seltzer talks about his path to editing and his work on Aggie. Special Thanks to Adobe

Spree, which focuses on a guy who drives for a ridesharing company, who has come up with the perfect way

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