Videos has updated its app to Version 3.6 and introduced a new tool that works on Mac and

Category: Virtual Demos

Visit Imagine Product's virtual NAB 2020 booth from the comfort and safety of your own home. Michelle Maddox walks

When the show couldn't shoot in their studio anymore, the Seth Meyers team — including associate director/lead editor

Category: Virtual Demos

Cinnafilm's Lance Maurer walks you through the ease of use, scalability and affordability of PixelStrings – Cinnafilm's media

Streambox offers virtual sessions with Streambox Cloud, solutions for remote color grading/VFX, sound and editorial, and the Chroma X

Audio Design Desk's new audio app, created by this musician/filmmaker, comes with over 20,000 free sounds embedded

Sonnet adds CFexpress/XQD to its SF3 series of media readers, introduced an HDX Edition Echo Express III expansion system


NetApp is creating data fabrics for M&E customers that span on-premises and cloud infrastructure by employing the

Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive 2.0, which works with Adobe Premiere, has been updated with some new features, has added

Digital Nirvana recently introduced Trance 3.0 for automating transcriptions and captioning. Other post tools driven by AI include Media

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