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Videos from SIGGRAPH 2015

Last week at the LA Convention Center pros and product makers joined together to celebrate animation, visual effects, motion graphics, immersive worlds and more.

Walking the exhibit floor was a ton of fun. Everywhere you looked were gorgeous images being displayed in product demos and a ton of opportunities to try out virtual reality. Particularly enjoyable was the VR demo from Ford Motor Company in the Emerging Technology section of the show. Ford’s Elizabeth Baron shared how the car maker designs their cars in a virtual environment, which was powered by Silverdraft’s Devil supercomputer. Also fun was the demo at the AMD booth — from VFX and performance capture expert James Knight — which had attendees climbing mountains in a rain forest filled with pterodactyls.

If you weren’t able to make the show, we hope our coverage has helped give you a feel for what the vibe at SIGGRAPH was like.  Some of that coverage includes short videos with product makers. Here is a link to some, and there are more to come!

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