Video Stories & Tips

David Hussey talks about how he started in the industry, his workflow, and his work on the new film Red

Richard Welsh previews this year's HPA Tech Retreat UK.

Chatting with Efilm's Jocham "JZ" Zell during the 1017 HPA Tech Retreat. Thanks to the HPA, BlackMagic Design, MXL

At the 2017 HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, California, Technicolor Postworkds Joe Beirne fills us in on the NYC

At Digital Entertainment World, Enflux showed off its special motion capture clothing. Mickey Ferri fills us in.

During the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, the Oculus House had an event for their VR for Good initiative

The most awesome press conference ever! Watch a simulated gun battle play out on the back lot of Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Sully got its color grade from colorist Maxine Gervais. Here she gives us some insight.

JSS Studios' John Schneider and Alicia Allain offer up tips for indie filmmakers looking for that perfect location.