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VFX supervisor turned director/writer launches HaZ Film

By Randi Altman

London — Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull, whose film Project Kronos is being produced by Benderspink (We’re The Millers), IAM Entertainment and financed by Armory films, has launched his own film production company, called HaZ Film.

Dulull, who started as a visual effects supervisor and expanded into writing, directing and producing, is also currently developing a slate of feature film projects with major Hollywood studios, details of which will be released later this year.

Establishing HaZ Film allows Dulull a platform from which to create. “All the short films I create as proof-of-concept films demonstrate my ability to write and direct, but they also provide the vision of the world and story I’m pitching to studios.”



Like many of his generation, Dulull uses social media and the Web to build momentum and interest in his projects. “Once the film goes viral or gets a substantial amount of views and press write-ups, then I have generated an audience base,” he explains. “So with that, along with my short film and clear approach to how I want to tell my story, I can confidently pitch to a studio in a relaxed way; letting the results of my short film do the pitching to the studios.”

Dulull says the days where you would just submit a script with some mood boards are gone. “These days the execs at studios need to see more, especially if you the new kid on the block.”

Two of Dulull’s short films have been selected at this year’s London Sci-Fi Festival. He admits that submitting his shorts to festivals isn’t typical for him, but this one was different. “The London Sci-FI Festival has a special place in my heart because many of the festival’s past films — 28 Weeks Later, Monsters (whose director, and fellow Adobe CC user, Gareth Edwards has gone on to helm the upcoming Godzilla)— have inspired me to make my films. Plus, the festival is a great place to meet like-minded people.”

But he goes back to the power of the Internet once more. “I firmly believe the future of filmmakers getting exposure is online. Places like Vimeo are perfect platforms to getting noticed, as these days you don’t need to rely on film festivals to have your film noticed by film execs.”

Making high-end short films doesn’t require a huge post budget these days thanks to products such as Adobe Creative Cloud, on which all the post and VFX was done for Kronos and Iris by Dulull on his MacBook Pro laptop.

“To be honest, I don’t think I would have been able to make my films the way they are without being a hands-on director, where I am able to conceptualize, shoot, edit and handle the VFX and post myself or lead a team whilst being hands on. So when I’m shooting on set I am already compositing the VFX in my head.”



The same goes with the access to the latest camera kit, he says pointing to Blackmagic’s offerings. “It’s affordable and accessible to pretty much anyone these days, and yet the results are cinematic… provided you have a good DP.”

Dulull, who loves the collaboration that comes along with filmmaking, admits the technology makes that process easier. Instead of worrying about the technicality’s of the tools I’m now using my time to figure out how we can use the tools to make something cool.”

HaZ Film is the trading name of HaZ VFX Ltd., an incorporated company based in London that already offers visual effects supervision and VFX consultancy. Early this year it has successfully provided training for producers looking to budget and understand visual effects production at an early stage of their projects.

You can follow him on Twitter @hazvfx.

 Main Image Caption: Project Kronos.


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