Audionamix – 7.1.20

Two hot items at the electronics circus

By Tim Spitzer
Managing Director
Goldcrest Post, NYC


SGO, manufacturers of Mistika, introduced Mamba FX.  Mamba FX is a stunningly cost-effective node-based, shot-based, Windows-based effects software package.  Mamba FX is effectively the full subset of effects tools that live in Mistika.

Mamba FX allows capture of all the same camera codecs/file formats as Mystika.

Mamba FX has the same stabilizing, speed change, compositing, tracking, text, color, and 3D tools as Mystika. In my understanding the only tools that have been removed are the Stereoscopic toolset.

I have heard there will be two versions for sale: A base version which limits output resolution to HD, and a Pro version, which does not impose that constraint. So why does Mamba FX excite me?  For non-Mistika users, it is an introduction to the Mistika interface which allow operators phenomenal creative control, top notch tools, and a dip into the work-style mystique SGO has made famous.


I was introduced to Penta.  They manufacture LCD Rec 709 color-grade quality monitors in 23″, 47″ and 55″ sizes. What was amazing at the booth was that the multitude of monitors and each of the sizes were exactly matched.  In years of trade show attendance I have never seen this displayed before  – the single or dual link monitors have excellent black reproduction, display images at their native sampling rate pixel for pixel.  Displays are currently limited to safe action/safe title grids, do not offer underscan or scan delays and are only set up for video color space, but what a nice job they do in that arena. For use in grading for broadcast the displays are excellent and at a price point, which makes them worth appraising.

Final (a)musing for the evening:  Tape-based delivery looks to be ready to vanish over the event horizon to be replaced by file delivery. The new buzzwords: AS-02 and AS-11. Manufacturers as diverse as Amberfin, DVS, Quantel are implementing or even basing technologies on JPEG 2000 packages of Data.  The division between post and broadcast used to be marked by tangible tape deliverables.

With the upcoming overarching advent of file-based delivery, I wonder what will be the benchmark used for a project to be considered delivered.

Time to drown worries in a Belgian beer.

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