Audionamix – 7.1.20

NAB: A trip of firsts

By William Rogers

I touched down in Denver on Sunday at about 9pm Mountain time, while finishing up a chapter in Slaughterhouse 5 on my Kindle. It was an important distraction, as my flight encountered probably the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. I’m incredibly thankful that I’m easily distracted by a good book.

This will be a trip of firsts for me: My first time to Las Vegas, my first time going further west than Denver, and my first time staying in a hotel room by myself. I’m not as well traveled in the United States as I’d like to be, but I’m methodically patient.

Several years ago, the RED ONE cinema camera debuted and changed cinema forever. It was an attainable low-cost option that blew open the doors for high-quality cinema in small budget productions. I remember drooling at the slick edges, and falling in love with the aggressive looking ‘red-aperture’ logo.

It’s sort of silly to admit, but RED got me excited. They got me giddy. I was an instant fan-boy—refreshing their ominous black and red webpage every week for another cinema revolution. It was like craving a sports car, but instead of an efficient V12, you got 4k video resolution in something smaller than a piece of carry-on luggage.

Sunday night, I sat in my hotel room at the Riviera admiring my freshly ironed pants and waited for my excitement to take itself down a notch. For me, Monday morning begins the craziness of NAB. I’ll get to sit down and watch RED debut some more amazing, awesome technology.

Afterwards, I’ll get to see something awesome from Blackmagic Design, something awesome from AMD, and something awesome from a million more vendors that all have incredibly cool and cutting-edge tech.

I feel privileged that I get to sit down at this giant premiere event, at the largest film-geek-tech-fest on the planet. Someone pinch me, because five-years-ago-me wouldn’t have imagined this ever occurring.

Will is an editor, artist and all around creative professional working as a Post Production Coordinator for DB Productions in NYC

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