Top 5: Efficiency tips for your health and editing environment

By Brady Betzel

Sometimes in the edit bay, I find myself feeling sluggish because I haven’t moved from my chair in four or eight or more hours. Usually, I can fix this by working out for a half hour before I leave for work, and I try to get in some kettlebell swings and battle rope maneuvers along with bodyweight stuff like push-ups and pull-ups.

With two kids, I sometimes feel guilt about not being home every second I can, and this very often leads me astray and causes me to forget to do a few little things to keep my mind right.

With that in mind, I’d like to offer up my top five tips for enhancing efficiency when being stuck in a chair all day.

1. Move Around
The number one thing an editor can do to cause laziness and stagnation is literally being lazy. Sitting in your chair all day — drinking coffee and not water — staring at pixels for 12 hours will not get that mind in gear to edit creatively. If possible, take a five-minute walk around the block. If not possible, do push-ups — you have the equipment with you at all times. I try to hit my age as a goal, for example I will try and do 33 pushups within an hour, even doing this once a day will dramatically help you out.

If you are searching for some exercise tips I suggest checking out, specifically, which focuses on bodyweight exercises. It’s free and is updated regularly with fun and unique workouts.

2. Meditate, Pray, Zone Out… Whatever
Give yourself five minutes of peace and quiet. No podcasts, no Pantera, no Taylor Swift — just sit in a quiet room with all of your monitors powered off, if possible, and clear your head. Sometimes, if I can’t stop my mind from working, I will try to focus on little things like breathing at a consistent pace or how I can be nicer to people and myself.

2. Drink Good Coffee AND Lots of Water
If you believe in drinking coffee like I do, find yourself a good batch of coffee and brew it in something nice like a French press or an AeroPress. My number one rule when downing espresso and coffee is to not forget to drink tons of water too, otherwise I will get angry and dehydrated. This is one I constantly have to remember.

3. Keep Your Area Clean
I find that editors come in two forms: messy and obsessive compulsive. I know it’s hard to always be tidy, but who wants to see a messy editor bay or desk in the office? It makes my skin crawl when I have to wade through other people’s junk just to get my Wacom pen or fader on the mixer. I know when my area is clean my mind is usually more focused.

4. Force Yourself to Be Pleasant
I often find myself in a dark room, plugging away at keyframes and bezier curves, and forgetting to smile. It’s crazy what can happen if you force yourself to smile, and it is contagious. Try it out, even if people laugh at you and say what is up with happy face — you just made them think twice about being happy. It will really make your day better.

Brady Betzel is an online editor at Margarita Mix in Hollywood, working on Life Below Zero and Cutthroat Kitchen. You can email Brady at, and follow him on Twitter @allbetzroff. Brady was recently nominated for an Emmy for his work on Disney’s Unforgettable Christmas Celebration.

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