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This week’s #PostChat: ‘Working with Relatives’ featuring The Diamond Brothers

By Randi Altman

As anyone who has attended a family Thanksgiving can attest, spending time with relatives can be challenging, but it can also be wonderful. No one knows you better, no one trusts you more.

Navigating the ups and downs that come with working closely with someone, especially a relative, for hours and hours at a time in this stressful and highly creative industry, takes a delicate balance.

And that was the topic of this week’s PostChat conversation on Twitter, which features New York-based directing team The Diamond Brothers ( —  Jason and Josh, pictured left to right — as guests. (Click here for the link to the chat’s transcript

These twin brothers, who had a cable access show together in the mid-1990s, made their professional collaboration official in 1998.

“We’ve always had the same interests,” says Josh Diamond, “and even though we didn’t intentionally set out to work together, it just ended up making sense as our paths moved forward.”

Do you find it easier, or more difficult, to work with your brother as opposed to a stranger?
It’s definitely easier in a lot of ways, but as anyone with a sibling can tell you, it has its challenges as well. Personal issues can creep in since you are mixing so many facets of your life.

Is it easier to speak your mind, or harder because you are trying to save feelings?
We always speak our minds regardless. We find honesty and openness can allay almost all issues that can come into play by being closed off to any situation.

You guys have that twin thing going on, but even non-twin siblings can have a short hand. How does that help?
It helps to have an innate communication style with someone. We kind of make one complete thought as a mix of two different viewpoints of the same idea.

What are the positives of working with family?
Trust and ease of communication. Also, it’s easier to borrow money from your business partner (he laughs).

What are the negatives of working with family?
Personal things you clash over outside of work can sometimes impact your day, but that’s not very often.

Any tips for others in the business working with a relative?
Don’t let your personal stuff get in the way of being creative and productive. 

Thanks to Jason for taking time out for this quick talk, please join the discussion each Wednesday evening by following #PostChat starting at 9pm EST.

And in case you missed it, read postPerspective’s “Meet The Directors,” featuring The Diamond Brothers (@josh_diamond, @jasondiamond) here:


Jason Diamond @jasondiamond

our shorthand sometimes ends up in the DP/Operator model where one of us will take the lead while other deals with minutae 

@NyAdas we collaborate on everything equally excitedly, every job is a challenge and a puzzle, as you know 🙂

you have to keep the balance between friends and “set” respect.

@josh_diamond Yeah, I learned hard way not to talk back to Director/Dad on set. Hee-hee.



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