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Blog: My three goals for NAB 2015

This VFX supervisor shares his NAB game plan.

By Adrian Winter

It has been about four or five years since I was at an NAB Show, so I am very much looking forward to this year’s trip. In the past, my plan has been to fly out for just a day or two, walk the floor and then take a redeye home. This year I will be there for almost the entire week, and have plans to take in as many demos and seminars as I manage to squeeze in.

I have three areas of focus for the convention:

The Big players
Adobe, Autodesk, The Foundry and FilmLight always have a big presence at NAB, and I’ll be checking in with them to see what they have in the pipeline. I also plan to swing by a few of my other favorite exhibitor booths to see if I come across any gems.

On-Set Solutions
I’ll be attending a number of seminars focused on different shooting challenges such as lighting set-ups, color spaces and greenscreen considerations.

Collaborative Workflows
This has always been a subject of particular interest to me, so I’ll be looking for ways to make it easier to keep Nice Shoes team members in touch and in sync, be it with clients, while on set, or working remotely.

Finally, I’ll be looking to tackle some of the bigger questions that many NAB attendees will be facing, such as: How long can I avoid getting sunburned? Can I get to where I am going without leaving air conditioning? And, most importantly, is there such a thing as a steak that is too big?

It’s a full card, no doubt, and I’ll consider myself lucky if I can get through most of it. But do not fear, I’ll report back on as much as I can. If my daily updates on postPerspective aren’t enough, you can also follow my exploits on Instagram (@arwinter) and Twitter (@arwinter).

Adrian Winter is a VFX supervisor at New York City-based Nice Shoes Creative Studio.

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