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The Foundry’s Katana now supports Windows

The Foundry has updated its look development and lighting tool Katana to version 2.5. This updates includes support for Windows, allowing more artists working in VFX, broadcast and animation to take advantage of the tool. Additionally, the toolset is easier to install and supports a number of plug-ins including RenderMan, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight.

Used in studios from Industrial Light & Magic and Pixar to Atomic Fiction, Katana allows artists — working in short- and long-form — to turn creative lighting setups into “recipes” that can be shared amongst the team, cutting down the time it takes to turn out complicated shots.

Katana 2.5 is available now as a beta release and will be shipping soon. Supported platforms are Linux RHEL Centos 6 and Windows 7 64-bit.

“Katana has become the bedrock of our pipeline,” reports Kevin Baillie, co-founder at Atomic Fiction (The Walk, Flight). “Big scenes, experimental lighting set-ups, we can throw anything at it and it’ll give us production-ready results that we can share up and down the chain. With timelines getting shorter and shorter, you need tools like Katana around; there’s no other way to get the work done.”

To request a trial as part of the beta program, email

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