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Telestream intros ScreenFlow V.8 for editing, screen recording

Telestream’s ScreenFlow video editing and screen recording software for the Mac is now in Version 8. ScreenFlow V.8 adds new features including new styles and templates to help streamline editing workflows. There is also a new integrated stock media library option available.

The new templates allow users to pre-create ScreenFlow projects with placeholder clips in the timeline for important recorded media, as well as external media. Once a template is saved, future ScreenFlow recordings are opened directly in the template project, reducing the amount of editing required to complete jobs. For users creating software tutorials, serialized videos or even videos with similar formats, the new Templates in V.8 allow for quicker video production and less tedious editing, resulting in more time spent on the creative aspects of video production.

The new styles feature offers customized media configurations that streamline individual asset editing, saving time in the editing process. With styles, ScreenFlow users can easily copy/paste video parameters (like scale, positioning, filters, axis rotation and more) and apply them to individual pieces of media. For example, should users want to create a style for their webcam recordings, they can now apply their “webcam-style,” positioning it within their project exactly where they want it, without additional editing.

The new stock media library offers users unlimited access to more than 500,000 pieces of media. It costs $60 a year.

ScreenFlow 8.0 is available for $129. Customers who have purchased previous versions of ScreenFlow on telestream.net can upgrade for $39 (pricing will vary according to the version previously purchased).

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