Whether it’s a TV show, commercial or feature film, it likely features some sort of visual effect. The growth of visual effects work in our industry has changed the way we work and the content everyone else watches. Visual effects artists need to previs and postvis shots, render, get the most from their workstations and they also need to store a lot of data.

Below we highlight some of the key technology players supporting the VFX industry today, with each providing information on why they could be the solution to your needs.

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Maxon is a developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its award-winning Cinema 4D and Redshift 3D software products have been used extensively to help create and render everything from stunning visual effects in top feature films, TV shows and commercials to cutting-edge game cinematics for AAA games. Maxon products are available directly from the website and its worldwide distribution network.

What you’ll find in the MAXON techToolbox:

Video – Enjoy Maxon’s latest showreel filled with amazing 3D animation, created by Cinema 4D artists from around the world.


Conductor is a production-tested cloud rendering platform backed by the near-infinite compute of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Conductor enables entire workflows of VFX and Animation facilities to extend seamlessly into the cloud, all while providing amazing data insights and fine-grained controls over usage and spending.

What you’ll find in Conductor’s techToolbox:

Video – Conductor Cloud Rendering 2019 Product Tour


For more than 20 years, Dell Precision has been delivering innovative, high-performance workstations to meet the needs of creators and designers. As a result, Precision is widely recognized as the leading workstation brand in the world. From award-winning filmmakers and animators to architects and engineers, our expansive portfolio enables you to customize your workstation for your creative expertise.

What you’ll find in Dell’s techToolbox:

Video – Powerhouse Animation – Austin’s leading animation studio gives insight into the challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced in the industry, and how the power of Precision has played a part in their story.


PNY is proud to be the Authorized Channel Partner for NVIDIA Quadro GPUs in North America. From rendering photorealistic effects or animating staggeringly complex 3D scenes to generating physically accurate simulations, NVIDIA Quadro RTX solutions with real-time ray tracing rendering, AI and advanced graphics will accelerate your workflow for more rapid creative iterations.

What you’ll find in PNY’s techToolbox:

Video – Real-time raytracing, VR, 8K workflows and much more with NVIDIA Quadro


Puget Systems is a custom computer company located near Seattle. We believe computers should be a pleasure to purchase and own. They should get your work done and not be a hindrance. That’s why we’ve built a team of hardware and software experts dedicated to empowering creative professionals.

What you’ll find in Puget Systems’ techToolbox:

Video – Corridor Digital – A new ongoing series highlighting the creators that use Puget Systems’ workstations starts wtih Corridor Digital, who talks about how our workstations have changed their creative mindset and workflow.

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