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Getting your VFX team involved early

By Brian Drewes and Sean Devereaux

There is a shift afoot in the visual effects industry. On first look, it appears that bad news abounds, although the change we have perceived bodes well for us all.

Recently, we’ve observed that our clients are asking us to get involved earlier in the creative development process. This is a different notion than VFX companies historically pleading to be involved earlier so that their job isn’t just the clean-up crew. Our clients are asking us share how our visual effects capabilities can help them address problems creatively, whether it be for a fully VFX spot, or a spot that includes both live action and VFX.

We are invited into conversations earlier, when ideas are less refined, and often even before concepts have been developed enough to be storyboarded or shown to the end-client. Our Continue reading

Google buys Zync cloud rendering platform

The Zync cloud-based rendering service, which has been used on major films, including Flight, American Hustle, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and others, has been bought by Google. That’s right, Google.

The platform, supporting software such as Maya, Nuke, V-Ray, Mental Ray and Arnold, was created about five years ago by the owners of Boston’s Zero VFX Brian Drewes and Sean Devereaux. It was built to fill a need they had while creating visual effects for films and television spots.

“Zync was designed to not only leverage the benefits and flexibilities inherent in cloud computing but to offer this in a user-friendly package,” says Drewes. “Pairing this history with the scale and reliability of Google Cloud Platform will help us offer an even better service to our customers — including more scalability, more host packages and better pricing (including per-minute billing). With a friction-free, affordable, and elastic rendering solution, visual designers and artists in the industry can continue to do their best work.

“Yes, we are excited, and yes, great things are coming,” he continues. “But we most especially want to thank our customers, our partners in the VFX software industry and our phenomenal team for getting us to where we are today.  Our service will be back and better than ever on Google Cloud Platform.”



Meet The Business Owner: Zero VFX’s Sean Devereaux

NAME: Sean Devereaux

COMPANY: Boston’s ZeroVFX (https://www.zerovfx.com, @ZeroVFX)

Zero is a nimble and creative studio that is largely team based. Although we have specialties within our discipline it is common for you to be contributing on an agency call in the morning and finishing a shot with three other artists for a feature film in the afternoon.

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Zero VFX hires Sarah Spitz as EP

Boston – Zero VFX has brought on Sarah Spitz as executive producer. In her new role, she will be charged with expanding Zero’s (www.zerovfx.com) global commercial business, as well as with overseeing content production for Zero’s existing client base. Spitz will work directly with Zero’s founding executive/creative team, Brian Drewes and Sean Devereaux.

“Sarah joins Zero at a momentous time for our shop. As we prepare to close the books on a highly successful 2013, we’ve got our focus on 2014 as a year of new growth and exciting new opportunities in both our commercial and film groups. As Sean and I look to aggressively expand our film business and attract more features to Boston, Sarah will play an integral role in driving growth in our commercial business,” said Brian Drewes, co-founder and president of Zero VFX.

Sarah began her career at McCann-Erickson NY in 1996 with a position in the Broadcast Production department. Following McCann, she spent five years at BBDO NY working on such clients as Pepsi, VISA and General Electric. In 2003, she left New York and joined Arnold Worldwide, Boston, where she was most recently a VP/executive producer. During her career in both Boston and New York, she has received numerous industry awards, including an Emmy nomination in 2006 for her work on the Truth Anti-Smoking campaign.