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Magnetic Dreams talks organization and productivity

This VFX/animation boutique calls on Shotgun software to keep them on track.

By Don Culwell

Magnetic Dreams is a boutique Nashville-based VFX and animation studio with an underdog spirit. Overseeing a staff of about 30 artists working on everything from commercials with a one-day turnaround to long-term feature projects, I value tools that can help our workflow thrive while keeping things simple at the same time.

For the past three years, Magnetic Dreams has been using Shotgun for our production management, and it has given us a huge advantage in terms of organization and productivity.

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Meet The VP of Creative Services/Colorist: Chris Jacobson

NAME: Chris Jacobson

COMPANY: SIM Digital (@SIMDigital1)/Bling Digital (http://www.blingdigital.com)

SIM Digital/Bling Digital supplies production and post technology and services within North America. We have offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax. SIM Digital supplies camera systems, lighting and related gear to film and television productions. Bling Digital is a specialist in post workflows. Bling designs and builds workflows encompassing such things as on-set review, dailies processing (on-set, near-set and off-site), editorial, final color grading and finishing. For many television productions, we supply complete, fully integrated production and post packages that extend from the camera through final delivery.

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How great content gets broken

The perils of shooting film-style in the digital era, and how to avoid your pictures looking awful.

By Bruce Devlin
Long, long ago life was simple. Premium content for television was shot on film, using Hollywood-style cameras at Hollywood-style 24 frames a second. It was cut on film, and effects were done on film. Even delivery from production to post to broadcaster was done on film.

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