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Telestream’s Wirecast 7.5 now available, supports Periscope

Version 7.5 of Telestream’s Wirecast live streaming and production software is now available. In a move aimed at strengthening its position as the leading live stream feeder platform to social media networks, Telestream has announced Wirecast support for the Periscope/Twitter API. This means that any user, from tech-savvy consumers to online broadcasters, can employ Wirecast to stream live full-motion video to Periscope.tv, which will appear natively within their Twitter feeds.

Wirecast 7.5 provides the user with intuitive production capabilities, GPU-accelerated encoding and a streamlined user interface that allows users to easily create and stream high-quality live broadcasts from their computers to Twitter, Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as to custom streaming servers.

Telestream believes that the combination of Wirecast, Periscope and Twitter will appeal to a range of markets, especially online broadcasters that want to leverage Twitter feeds for live video.

Wirecast Studio is priced at $495, and Wirecast Pro is priced at $995, adds support for more advanced production features and additional input sources. Upgrades from previous versions of Wirecast will start at $179. Wirecast 7.5 with Periscope/Twitter native, live streaming support is available now. For a trial download or to buy Wirecast 7.5 visit here.

Review: Telestream’s Wirecast Studio 5

By Trevor Carlee

Until recently, I had no need to broadcast anything online. I also had no idea how any of it was done. Then, near the end of last year, an annual charity event called Extra Life piqued my interest.

Extra Life is a 25-hour gaming marathon to raise money for childrens’ hospitals. Gamers around the world sit down and play video games (or any kind of game really) for 25 hours while others “sponsor” their group with donations. Many of the gamers wanted to broadcast Continue reading