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Super Star Power Productions ramps up for 4K DI, finishing

Will Holman, owner of Super Star Power Productions (SSPP) in Play Vista, California, is currently ramping up his “home studio” with some high-end gear. His most recent purchase is a Quantel Pablo Rio 4KO color and finishing system.

Holman, who began his career in the industry 13 years ago as an actor in projects such as Ali, Austin Powers Goldmember, SWAT, Hired Guns and The Bold and the Beautiful. Holman soon discovered a second talent — for writing and directing — which led him to set up his own production and post company to look after his own and friends’ projects.

“On set I found that I innately knew exactly how I wanted scenes to turn out; I always had a director’s mindset, so handling production and following through to my own post facility seemed like a perfect fit,” says Holman.

SSPP grading suite 3smallWhat makes SSPP different from any other post facility is that it is not only a one-stop color and finishing environment, but also a complete house with kitchen, living areas, bedrooms etc. “We’re catering to a certain clientele,” he explains. “Our goal is to offer a complete post- production environment in a rental property — so our clients can live with the film and finish it faster. Building it in Playa Vista also makes good sense — it’s LA’s fastest growing entertainment hub — there are a ton of entertainment companies setting up here.”

“I first came across Pablo five years ago through Michael Cioni (Light Iron CEO) and I’ve had my eye on it ever since,” he says. “I’ve looked hard at all the other high-end finishing systems, but for me, Quantel is the perfect fit. Pablo Rio is the most efficient hub there is for finishing as a full package — with it I can do everything from conforms and edits to bringing in effects and of course color correction and deliverables, all in realtime at 4K. Of course, the quicker you can do something the more money you can make, and Pablo Rio streamlines the filmmaking process; it’s a key part of getting projects from pre-production through production and post to delivery as fast as possible, more efficiently while delivering a supreme product in terms of quality.”

SSPP kitchensamllSSPP already has its first projects booked in, with post for a short film due to start immediately and several other movies to follow. “Our goal is to service low- to mid-budget films, offering the same or better experience that clients can get at the larger post houses, but at a lower cost and in an environment that’s naturally conducive to creativity — and more comfortable too!” reports Holman.

In addition to the Pablo, SSPP features Qube Cinema XP-I d-cinema server;
Qube Cinema Xi 4K integrated media block; Barco DP4K-P post production projector; four Acoustic Smart seats (4); Klipsch 7.1 surround sound; Stewart Filmscreen Daily Dual screen system; SnoMatte 100 non-perf screen for color grading; and 3D RealD Ultimate Screen.