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‘Wedlock’ web series shot on Canon C300s

When director Ross Partridge and cinematographer Doug Emmett were in pre-production on their nine-episode web series Wedlock, they wanted a cinematic, shallow depth of field look.

They also knew they needed a camera package that was highly mobile and lightweight for stealthy shooting in practical locations. It also had to have great low-light capabilities in order to control the size of their lighting package and offer a broad choice of lenses. They decided on Canon EOS C300 digital cinema cameras and Cinema prime and zoom lenses.

“We didn’t want Wedlock to look like video,” says Emmett. “We needed a really high-quality image that looked as cinematic as possible. That’s what we got with the combination of our three Canon EOS C300 cameras and Canon cinema lenses.”


Executive produced by the indie filmmakers The Duplass brothers, Wedlock is a comedy, which stars Mark Duplass and Jennifer Lafleur, about two Type-A friends who decide to give romance a try — with the help of a therapist, of course.

The show was self-funded. “We took the ball into our own hands to see if we could produce it and then sell it to content providers or distributors,” explains Partridge. “We can package it and sell it as a series and then create a whole other season if we wish to.”

The production schedule was hectic. Wedlock was shot in a private residence in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles over the course of four days. “In a world in which digital cameras are used heavily in TV production, the jump to the EOS C300 camera was very easy,” reports Emmett, who added that the camera’s form factor benefitted the DP since the budget necessitated working with a smaller crew.