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Frame.io intros 10 new features for video collaboration

Frame.io, which makes a video review and collaboration platform, has introduced 10 new features that will improve how media professionals collaborate on video, from initial upload to final delivery. Top user-requested features now available in Frame.io include a new reel player presentation format, @mentions and support for multi-page PDFs.

Here are some details:
– Multi-page PDFs: Users can now collaborate on scripts and storyboards just like on video. Entire video projects from the initial brief to the final deliverable, can now live in Frame.io.
– Enhanced version management: Users now have more control over how they manage versions. They can reorder or remove versions in one place.
– Private comments: For teams who routinely create a separate review link for internal teams to gather feedback they don’t want clients to see. Internal team conversations can be separated from client conversations, all within the same project.
– @mentions: Users can tag anyone on a project to quickly grab their attention when it’s needed most. Anytime someone is @mentioned, they’ll receive a notification creating streamlined communication.
– Reel player: Drop all assets into a filmstrip format for easy viewing, complete with built-in autoplay
– Archival storage (beta): Users can now free up more account storage by archiving projects. Original files will be archived but low-res preview files stay online and searchable. Users can still comment, compare and share Frame.io archived projects. Originals can be restored within a few hours.
– Updated review pages (beta): Frame.io review pages now include a simpler interface that makes it easier for clients to leave feedback with no login required.
– Redesigned iPhone app: Frame.io’s iOS app has a design update. Users will see a cleaner,  improved app interface.
– Short links: No more long and clunky URLs for clients and collaborators. New shareable URLs will use a f.io shortlink, making sharing them significantly more user-friendly.
– Account switching: For those users with multiple accounts, Frame.io now offers a simple way to navigate between them on Frame.io.

Frame.io Enterprise: collaboration for large organizations

Frame.io, makers of video review and collaboration platforms for content creators, has just launched Frame.io Enterprise, providing large organizations — such as media corporations, ad agencies, brands and institutions of all sizes — with a solution that features team management, enterprise-grade security and enhanced support, among other things. Frame.io Enterprise is already being used by Vice, Turner Broadcasting Systems, BuzzFeed and DJI.

“One of the key challenges that larger organizations face when deploying collaboration software is the ability to manage everything from one central account while still allowing each brand, division or production to have their own private work space,” says co-founder/CEO of Frame.io Emery Wells.

Frame.io Enterprise allows large organizations to get visibility into the work happening across the entire company while individual teams can stay focused on their projects. Administrators can organize teams based on their company’s needs and structure, manage member and resource allocation and control team access and visibility.

Frame.io Enterprise helps organizations fulfill their compliance requirements with industry-leading security protocols. In addition to team-level privacy, Frame.io Enterprise supports Single Sign-On with Okta and SAML 2.0, high-security workstations, bank-level encryption and more. While users can access their Frame.io projects from any given device, if a device is ever lost or stolen, an admin can quickly disable active sessions, protecting against a potential security breach that would otherwise jeopardize confidential, proprietary information.

In terms of support, Frame.io offers customized onboarding, a dedicated account representative and prioritized customer support.

Frame.io Enterprise is available now.


Frame.io updates video collaboration tool

The minds behind Frame.io have added some new features to their cloud-based video collaboration tool, which they say has now surpassed 50,000 members from 120 countries.

These include the following for the Frame.io Web App 1.1
• New Private Team Files and Folders — You can now set files and folders to be invisible from collaborators.
• New Collaborator Permissions — You can now restrict collaborators from downloading, sharing or inviting other collaborators.
• New Project Sharing — When project sharing is turned on, anyone with the link can join. You can invite large groups of collaborators without having to invite them individually.
• New Realtime Upload Status — Now all participants of a project can see upload progress in realtime, which can eliminate lots of confusion.
• Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts — You can now use the arrow keys to navigate through thumbnails: spacebar to Quicklook, Esc to exit, Enter key to enter the player, and Esc key again to exit the player.

Updates for the Final Cut Pro Companion App 1.1. include:
• Added support for queuing
• Drag and drop upload from the desktop
• Custom export locations allow access to rendered FCP X media
• Convert FCP X markers into timestamped Frame.io comments
• Added options to choose marker types when exporting only clips with markers
• New reduced bandwidth option

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Frame.io: video collaboration, media access, task management in the cloud

By Randi Altman

We all know that the world and how people communicate and share information has changed — it’s instant and it’s global — and that change has trickled down to the production and post industries. While clients still come to see their projects worked on live and in person, that is no longer the norm. Instead, clients and collaborators can be at different sides of the globe or maybe just across town and not wanting to deal with traffic.

Regardless of the situation, more and more collaboration is happening remotely with the help of the Internet and applications designed to allow instant access and the ability to give feedback.

One recent offering is from Frame.io. It’s a cloud-based collaboration platform for media Continue reading

Video Collaboration: New Ideas Seminars to launch in New York, LA in December

Axle Video, Adobe and IBM are teaming up to present free seminars highlighting new trends in the media business. One takes place on December 10 in New York City, at 353 West 46th Street. The other on December 12 in LA at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. They will start at 10am.

Video Collaboration: New Ideas will highlight a wave of technology making it possible for creative teams to be far more productive, both internally and with their clients, than has previously been possible. The focus will be on real-world applications, and Axle, which makes media management software, and its partners will be providing the opportunity for attendees to spend hands-on time with their technologies at the events, as well as ask in depth questions from the companies’ product experts.

Chris Dee, an industry consultant with management experience at major broadcasters including HBO, NBC and Disney, is the leadoff speaker at both events, said “I’m delighted to be part of this initiative to bring cutting-edge information and perspectives to media professionals in the country’s two biggest markets.  It’s exciting to be part of the project and we’re looking forward to great attendance and participation by some industry leaders.”

Here is the schedule:

10am: Big Picture Overview – What’s happening across the broadcast and postproduction industries today.  Chris Dee, principal at DeeTour Consulting and a pioneer of digital workflows at HBO, NBC, Discovery Channel, and Disney.

10:30am: Distributed Editing – It’s been talked about as a possibility for years, but now it’s real.  Dennis Radeke will review and discuss how Adobe’s Anywhere technology lets you edit with familiar tools on lightweight workstations, far from where your high res media are stored.

11am: Easy Media Management – This used to be a contradiction in terms; we’ll explain how you can simply, affordably add media management to current workflows and shared storage.  Axle Video’s Sam Bogoch will show you how to stop hunting around and start being productive!

11:30am: Truly Scalable Archiving – Archiving once involved complex user interfaces and custom setups; worst of all, vendors’ unique storage formats meant you couldn’t even exchange data.  IBM’s Dave Taylor shows us how LTFS LE is making scalable, searchable, exchangeable archives a reality.

12pm: Q&A and Demos – Stay with us for an open-ended discussion in the main room, and technology demos in the foyer.  We’ll make sure there’s plenty off opportunity for hands-on interaction.

Registration for the events here: www.tinyurl.com/newideasny and www.tinyurl.com/newideashollywood.