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Tweak Software bought by Autodesk

Autodesk has purchased Tweak Software, the developer of RV, an image and sequence playback tool. Tweak be joining forces with Shotgun Software, also a recent Autodesk purchase. Effective immediately, the Tweak and Shotgun teams will be working together to advance review and collaboration technology.

The entire Tweak staff is joining Autodesk, continuing to work as a unit in the Shotgun team under the leadership of Tweak’s Jim Hourihan, Seth Rosenthal and Alan Trombla, in close partnership with Shotgun’s Don Parker.

This collaboration between Shotgun and Tweak is not new. Shotgun and Tweak had partnered in the past to integrate their technologies, and since many customers were using Tweak’s RV and Shotgun in tandem to manage their pipeline and reviews there were many synergies. Tweak also shared space in Shotgun’s booth at several past SIGGRAPH conferences.

In addition for looking for new avenues to further integration between RV, Shotgun and Autodesk, Tweak will continue to develop, support and sell RV as an open and pipeline agnostic tool.

Check out this link for the official FAQ.

Tweak RV-SDI delivers 4K output with AJA, Nvidia GPUDirect for Video support

San Francisco— Tweak Software announced support for AJA Video’s Kona 3G, T-TAP and Io XT, and Nvidia’s GPUDirect for Video in RV-SDI, the advanced playback, review and image manipulation software for screening rooms and theaters.

Tweak’s RV-SDI’s capabilities for playback, review and collaboration include support for hundreds of media formats, all standard SDI output resolutions, completely GPU-based image processing, advanced color management and support for Windows, Mac and Linux. When combined with an AJA Kona 3G and an Nvidia Quadro GPU, RV-SDI enables 4K video output along with a range of digital cinema and video formats.

RV-SDI’s universal media engine can mix multiple media types on a single timeline including different file formats, resolutions, bit depths, and color spaces. RV-SDI delivers the benefits of a floating point, linear color workflow with GPU-accelerated support for CDL, LUTs and shaders, and the ability to build custom color pipelines. The new release of RV-SDI supports DCI 4K, UHD 4K, DCI 2K, HD, and more formats. It supports stereo dual stream playback, and interactivity that is demanded by top studios, VFX facilities, networks and post houses for color critical review and approval.

“Kona 3G and Tweak’s RV-SDI together deliver a robust and cost-effective 4K and stereo output solution for screening rooms,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “RV-SDI is unique in that along with a full range of support across multiple DCI and video formats, you can do real-time image processing on the GPU and hand it off for SDI output seamlessly.”

“RV-SDI takes advantage of Nvidia’s GPU Direct for Video exactly the way we intended, enabling low-latency video output from our GPUs for immediate viewing a range of resolutions on any SDI display,” said Andrew Page, product manager, professional video, Nvidia

“RV-SDI has become a trusted solution for review and approval in the pressure cooker environment of high end VFX and animation production. We are pushing the limits of AJA SDI hardware and Nvidia’s Quadro cards to combine SDI output of 4K, 10 bit stereo, and more with RV-SDI’s real-time color, collaboration and review features,” said Seth Rosenthal, president, Tweak Software.”

Tweak Software is currently holding a 2013 Year-End sale and RV-SDI is available as part of a special software bundle discounted at over 40 percent: http://www.tweaksoftware.com/buy/Tweak-2013-Year-End-Sale.