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Display maker TVLogic buys portable backup storage company Nexto DI

TVLogic, a designer and manufacturer of LCD and OLED high-definition displays, has acquired Nexto DI, a provider of portable field backup storage for digital cameras. They are located in South Korea.

Nexto DI uses the company’s patented “X-copy” technology, while M-copy (copy to multiple drives simultaneously), according to the company, guarantees 100% data safety, even in worst-case circumstances.

We reached out to TVLogic’s Denny An to find out more…

Why did it make sense for TVLogic to acquire Nexto DI?
TVLogic develops and manufactures broadcast and pro monitors that work in concert with other equipment. Because we compete on a global scale with large organizations that supply other products, such as cameras, switchers and more in addition to monitors, we realized we had to extend our offerings to better serve our customers and stay competitive. After a thorough search for companies that provide complementary products we found the perfect technology partner with Nexto DI.

We will continue our efforts to become a comprehensive broadcast and professional equipment company by searching for products and companies that can create synergy with our monitor technology.

How do you feel this fits in with what you already provide for the industry?
TVLogic has over 90 distributors and service networks around the world that can now also promote, sell and provide the same great quality service for the Nexto DI product line. Although the data backup is the main feature of the Nexto DI products, they also support image and video preview features. We’re confident that the combined technologies of TVLogic and Nexto DI will result in new monitor products with built-in recording features in the near future.

At NAB, TVLogic launched 12 new displays

In response to the increasing demands of broadcast, production, postproduction, digital signage and multi-viewer applications, TVLogic launched 12 new displays at NAB 2015. Included in the lineup was a 31.1-inch 4K monitor, a 17-inch broadcast model, a new studio wall monitor series comprised of six sizes, and a rack monitor range with four possible configurations.

TVLogic LUM-310A

TVLogic LUM-310A

The 31.1-inch LUM-310A monitor features 4096×2160 resolution with a high-contrast ratio of 1450:1, and supports four SDI and four HDMI inputs as well as an HDMI one-channel input. The model provides wide color gamut up to DCI, true 10-bit color depth, 3D LUT support for precise color reproduction, two-sample interleave division, and an HD 1:1 or full-screen upscaling function.

The LVM-170A 17.3-inch monitor (our main image) is a full-HD model with 1920×1080 resolution. The display features three analog SDI inputs and outputs, two SDI inputs, and one SDI output (SD, HD, 3G-SDI), plus an HDMI and DVI input. The LVM-170A offers a wide viewing angle and standard Rec. 709 color gamut.

Monitors in the new studio wall monitor series come in six sizes ranging from 17.3 inches to 55 inches. All models feature Rec 709 color gamut; wide viewing angles; support for two SDI inputs and outputs, plus one HDMI and one DVI input and output; OSD buttons on the side; and an optional SFP optical module, and they are fully compatible with free “Observer” software for remote control and management.

Finally, the rack monitor series offers four configuration options: two 7-inch or 9-inch units, three 5.6-inch units, or four 3.4-inch units. All feature 16.7 M color depth and the appropriate resolution levels and contrast ratio to maximize quality for each size.

All of the new models come with TVLogic’s color-calibration utility support.