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Benchmark Post opening in Todd-Soundelux Burbank location

Benchmark Post, a new and independent audio post production company targeting film and television work, has set plans for a fall 2015 opening of its newly acquired Burbank facility, previously occupied by Todd-Soundelux.

“We are thrilled to re-open the doors of one of the industry’s most iconic sound studios and look forward to welcoming fellow talent and clients with a new audio destination in the city of Burbank,” says Pedro Jimenez, re-recording mixer and founder of Benchmark Post. “Our facility will offer a fresh and innovative approach to post production sound with an environment that supports the talent and enhances the creative process.”

Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez

Prior to this move, Jimenez owned Benchmark Sound Services, a full-service audio facility specializing in theatrical trailer mixing and editorial for motion picture marketing, located on the Universal Studios lot. This move allows him to take on additional types of work. The facility will offer audio post services for feature films, television, documentaries, movie trailers and foreign markets, including Spanish-language Latin entertainment.

Renovation plans for the Burbank location include remodeling two mix stages, adding a third mix stage and converting the current 3,000-square-feet vault into client editorial suites, bringing the total space to nearly 20,000 square feet.

Benchmark Post will also implement industry-leading technology including Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro, IMAX, 4K video projection with 3D capabilities and the latest Avid hardware and software, including dual-operator System 5 mix consoles.

Todd-Soundelux files for Chapter 11

The story broke yesterday that legendary audio post company Todd-Soundelux, formerly CSS Studios, filed for Chapter 11. The company, which has 56 Academy Award nominations to its credit and 23 Oscars, says it’s restructuring and readying itself for sale.

While the company’s POP Sound and Burbank locations remain fully operational and working on contracted film and television projects, the Santa Monica and Hollywood offices have closed. That leaves some of the largest and most storied stages sitting idle for now.

According to a Todd-Soundelux press release, “This action has been necessitated by a significant decline in revenues, primarily in the feature film segment, which has impacted the independent post production sound business in the Los Angeles area.”

Please check back for more information on this developing story.

Pictured is Stage 1 at the now shuttered Todd-Soundelux Hollywood location.

Todd-Soundelux adds supervisors Joe Dzuban, Darren Warkentin

Hollywood — Audio post studio Todd-Soundelux have added supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer Joe Dzuban and supervising sound editor/designer Darren “Sunny“ Warkentin to its staff.

Both Dzuban and Warkentin are very familiar with Todd-Soundelux. Dzuban has worked at the studio on numerous projects over the past 10 years on a freelance basis, including Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and The Conjuring.

Darren Sunny Warketin 6x4 300dpismall

Darren “Sunny” Warketin

Warkentin has worked for Pacific Ocean Post (POP), Todd-Soundelux’s sister company, for 15 years where his credits include Jiro Dreams of Sushi, The Magic of Belle Isle and The Starving Games. Warkentin is currently working on the Pierce Brosnan thriller “November Man” for Relativity Media.

“We’re excited to have Joe join us full-time, and have Sunny come over from Pacific Ocean Post,” said Kevin O’Connell, who in addition to working as a re-recording mixer at Todd-Soundelux also serves as the company’s chief creative officer. “They’re both very talented guys, and I’m looking forward to working with them. Having Joe and Sunny now based at Todd-Soundelux, we’re able to open our doors to an even wider base of clients and projects, offering an exceptional range of services and support to projects of all sizes and levels of complexity”

Todd-Soundelux, 424 Post combine to keep ‘Black Sails’ sounding authentic

By Jennifer Walden

If you like your pirate stories with peg legs, eye patches, and other cartoon-like pirate stereotypes, then the Starz original series Black Sails isn’t for you. Anything Jack Sparrow-y is strictly prohibited.

“The show’s creators wanted this world to be real, and dirty. There is nothing Continue reading

Joseph Magee joins Todd-Soundelux to lead expanded music services

Hollywood — Todd-Soundelux has hired music mixer Joseph Magee to lead the company’s strategic development of an expanded, integrated music services offering.

A music specialist for feature film pre-record, production and post mixing for on-camera music, Magee has completed more than 80 feature film projects.  His recent credits include Saving Mr. Banks, Metallica Through the Never, and Pitch Perfect. He is currently working on Blackbird for director Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Some of Magee’s other notable credits include The Lone Ranger, The Muppets, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; Iron Man 2; Hannah Montana: The Movie; Into the Wild; I Can Do Bad All By Myself; Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert; Spider-Man 3; High School Musical 3; Ali; and Fantasia/2000.

Regarding Magee’s hiring, David F. Alfonso, the owner and chairman of Todd-Soundelux (http://www.toddsoundelux.com) said, “We see a meaningful opportunity in the market to create additional value for content creators by offering a more integrated suite of best-in-class solutions for creative post-production sound services and music services, which will enable us to partner with our clients from pre-production all the way through post production.”

“I see my role as bridging the sometimes separate functions of production and post production,” said Joseph Magee. “When a filmmaker brings me in early for the pre-production process, I can develop a comprehensive template for the technical music needs of the project — a process which considers the unique requirements and considerations of the story, talent and every department that will touch the project, all the way through the final sound mix.

“As a small dedicated team, we coordinate the creative efforts of the music producers, supervisors or musical directors and guarantee the safe arrival of their elements to picture, for final; maintaining creative and financial accountability.  The musical, sonic and sync to picture benefits are significant, enabling the re-recording team to complete the final sound mix with amazing results.”

According to Kevin O’Connell, who in addition to working as a re-recording mixer at Todd-Soundelux , also serves as the company’s CCO. “In the world of feature films, complex pre-record, music playback and live recording on set, are just some of the many areas of expertise where major studio clients have come to rely on Magee’s distinctive talent. It is a testament to his approach that, more often than not, Magee’s production clients will also ask him to follow the project from pre-production to final stem mixes in post. How a production approaches sound and music at the very early stages of pre-production influences the ability to predictably budget and manage costs, and, ultimately, the success of the whole venture.”



Todd-Soundelux and 424 Post join forces

Hollywood — Post production sound company Todd-Soundelux has entered into a multi-year strategic relationship with Culver City-based 424 Post.

As part of this agreement, Sean McCormack and Kami Asgar of 424 Post will join Todd-Soundelux as supervising sound editors, including the addition of their creative team comprised of Tim Tuchrello; Erin Oakley; Benjamin L. Cook; Will Riley; and Sebastian Sheehan Visconti.

Additionally, Todd-Soundelux (www.toddsoundelux.com) will add 424 Post’s (http://424post.com) facility to its portfolio of locations.

“The team at Todd-Soundelux has long enjoyed a great collaborative working relationship with 424 Post, and we have deep respect for Sean and Kami, as well as their entire team,” said David F. Alfonso, the company’s owner. “This partnership makes perfect sense for both companies, and represents an excellent fit with the desire of Todd-Soundelux to further expand its editorial capabilities, providing best-in-class creative sound solutions for content creators working across all media platforms.”

“Todd-Soundelux is a strong creative and technical leader in our creative community, and is home to a wonderful group of talented individuals and committed professionals,” said Sean McCormack. “As we contemplated the path forward for our team at 424 Post, we explored a number of options, but partnering with the team at Todd-Soundelux quickly emerged as an exciting solution, and offered a solid path forward.”

“Having worked with Sean and Kami on numerous projects as a Re-recording Mixer, I have a unique perspective on, and a particular appreciation for, the creativity, talent and dedication they bring to the table for their clients,” said Kevin O’Connell, who, in addition to working as a re-recording mixer at Todd-Soundelux , also serves as the company’s chief creative officer.

“We admire and respect the talented artists and staff at Todd-Soundelux a great deal, and look forward to the opportunity to work even closer with them. This partnership just seemed like a very organic and natural evolution for our group at 424 Post,” said Kami Asgar.  “Additionally, it is critically important for us to work in an environment where creative talent is respected, our team is allowed to thrive, and where management is sound, stabile and highly ethical. We enthusiastically look forward to partnering with everyone at Todd-Soundelux as part of this new venture.”

Having shared an Academy Award-nomination for their work on “Apocalypto” (2007), McCormack and Asgar’s extensive list of credits also include notable highlights such as “Secretariat,” “The Muppets,” “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,” and “Pitch Perfect.”

The 424 Post complex, located at 10375 Jefferson Boulevard in Culver City, features editorial suites and state-of-the art 5.1 and 7.1 mixing and re-mastering studios suitable for working across all media platforms.