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Review: Tiffen Steadicam Curve for GoPro cameras

By Brady Betzel

If you’ve walked out your front door these days you’ve undoubtedly seen a GoPro camera. Usually it’s a kid with one strapped to his skateboard getting a weird (yet probably awesome) shot of his wheels that he is going to use as a transitional story element for his skate film, and he’s probably eight years old and a whiz on After Effects.

I refer you to GoPro’s YouTube page (reaching almost 2 million subscribers!) where they have some amazing content being created and gathered 24 hours a day. The one thing that GoPro just can’t do on its own yet is steady itself. Yes I know, you can stabilize the footage in post or mount the camera to a fixed object, but what if you don’t have a skateboard (or don’t want to Continue reading