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Switcher Studio intros Go app for mobile video creators

Switcher Studio’s flagship product allows users to create TV-style multi-camera productions using iPhones and iPads. Over the past year they have seen a trend developing — a new type of live video that started to gain adoption with the integration of live streaming on platforms like Twitter (via Periscope) and Facebook.

Many of these broadcasts tend to be more spontaneous and less pre-planned, so Switcher Studio set out to find a way to make these types of productions a better experience while enhancing the creation process for existing users.

The result is specifically designed for mobile video creators. Switcher Go includes advanced video features that let you go beyond “point-and-shoot” to create more engaging live and recorded video.

Switcher Go allows users to:
– Wirelessly connect to another iPhone or iPad to remotely control the camera from your pocket.
– Sync directly to Facebook Live or YouTube Now to quickly go live with one touch.
– Dial in advanced camera controls such as focus, exposure, white balance and more.
– Personalize video content by adding photos or video from your device’s camera roll while recording or streaming.
– Users will be able mark moments during broadcasts, then easily trim and share clips on social media. This ability is coming soon to the product.

In the next few months, Switcher Go users will have the option to upgrade their free account to add unlimited photos and videos from their camera roll and Switcher’s cloud services and desktop tools, currently only available in their pro Switcher Studio product.