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Review: Autopilot Camera Stabilizer from ProAm USA

By Brady Betzel

In the last five years, content creation and distribution has exploded. Every person with a smartphone has the ability to create outstanding content. Think about it… everyone with an iPhone has a fully capable 1080p video camera in his or her pocket at all times. So once the explosion of random, and frankly terrible content settled (or is currently settling), viewers were looking for quality not just quantity.

YouTube has been instrumental in content distribution; the amount of content is truly amazing if you allow yourself to get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole. So the question becomes: How do I set myself apart from the other million YouTube content creators? If you’re a kid who wants to make skateboard videos, how do you go beyond the now standard “crazy” GoPro angle? Or how do you save time in post by not having to stabilize every piece of footage you Continue reading

Review: Tiffen Steadicam Curve for GoPro cameras

By Brady Betzel

If you’ve walked out your front door these days you’ve undoubtedly seen a GoPro camera. Usually it’s a kid with one strapped to his skateboard getting a weird (yet probably awesome) shot of his wheels that he is going to use as a transitional story element for his skate film, and he’s probably eight years old and a whiz on After Effects.

I refer you to GoPro’s YouTube page (reaching almost 2 million subscribers!) where they have some amazing content being created and gathered 24 hours a day. The one thing that GoPro just can’t do on its own yet is steady itself. Yes I know, you can stabilize the footage in post or mount the camera to a fixed object, but what if you don’t have a skateboard (or don’t want to Continue reading