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Motion designer Jeremy Frye joins Splice

Creative studio Splice in Minneapolis has hired motion designer Jeremy Frye. This 15-year industry veteran won a 2012 Emmy in Graphic Arts Animation. Over the years he has worked for big companies such as Amazon and The Chicago Tribune, as well as small boutique post houses and interactive firms.

Growing up in the 1980s, Frye couldn’t have known that his love of metal videos and cartoons would one day lead him to Splice. But he did know that he was onto something. “There’s nothing more intoxicating to an adolescent male than loud rock ‘n roll and the explosion of Saturday morning cartoons,” he says. “The combination of these two elements led me to start creating my own little home movies. This sparked my interest in title sequences and eventually motion graphics.”

Frye recently launched a Splice Facebook campaign, “Motion Monday with Jeremy Frye.” Each Monday, he posts an inspirational piece of work not created by the studio, but one that he finds particularly interesting or noteworthy.

VFX artist Patricio Fernandez joins Splice

Splice in Minneapolis has expanded its visual effects department with the addition of VFX artist Patricio Fernandez, who has worked on such feature films as Wrath of the Titans, Terminator: Salvation, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Fernandez expands the visual effects capacity of Splice as the company continues to grow its feature and episodic television visual effects team.

“Adding Patricio has immediately bolstered our visual effects department,” says Splice producer Drew Sondeland. “He has the know-how and experience to be plugged in early, providing our clients with valuable pre-pro insight. His vast capabilities have already opened up a lot of new and exciting opportunities for Splice.”

Fernandez broke into the broadcast industry as host and producer in the mid-1990s, incorporating computer animation and visual effects into his projects. After graduating film school, he served as a creative and producer for commercial campaigns, an assistant editor for a feature film and an editor for a prestigious post-production company, all in Argentina.

Fernandez moved to the US in late 2000 where he earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Animation at the Miami International University of Art and Design. He then founded Illusion Factory in Florida and has been an Instructor in animation, cinematography and VFX, as well as a program developer for EDMC Schools.

In addition to his film work, Fernandez has contributed to many spots, including Super Bowl ads for Kia, Microsoft, Direct TV and Canon.

Splice collaborates on pro-bono campaign for American Cancer Society

Minneapolis — Director Eric D. Howell has once again called on the creative team at Splice, this time for a new PSA campaign for American Cancer Society called “Smashing Cancer.” The director and the studio are also currently working on two films projects together.

The pro-bono effort was led by producer Jillian Nodland of Picture Factory, who first broughtthe concept to Howell. Taking on the project together, Nodland and Howell pulled in a Continue reading

Meet The Artists: Ben Watne and Chris Averbeck

Chris and Ben

Chris Averbeck and Ben Watne

COMPANY: Splice (www.splice.tv, @splice_here)

NAMES: Ben Watne and Chris Averbeck

Chris: Splice is a Minneapolis-based studio that specializes in VFX, Design, Edit, Sound, and Color…and production.

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