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IBC Blog: reference monitors and more

By Tim Spitzer

When I finally visited Sony in the elusive Hall 12 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam during IBC, I was glad I did!

Sony introduced the first ergonomically sensible 4K camera called the PXW-FS7.
The name might not seduce you, but it’s a beautiful looking and operating camera to fall in love with. The PXW-FS7 has a body profile reminiscent of the Aaton S-16mm “cat sitting on your shoulder” advert, and a handgrip that looks like the modern version of the wooden handgrip that graces the Aaton.

For documentarian or S-16mm shooters who have had to migrate away from film, this gives all the “good of the old” updated with a 35mm sensor, E-mount (also A-mount) for lenses and Continue reading