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Jonathan Moser shares tips for Media Composer users

Long-time video editor Jonathan Moser, who has worked on such shows as Deadly Sins, American Gladiators, Dateline NBC and Making The Band, was recently kind enough to share some tips that he employs while cutting on Avid’s Media Composer. While also versed on Final Cut Pro, Moser calls Media Composer home.

1) When coloring clips in a bin for identifying, right/alt click on the color icon in the bin (which will open up the full range of the color palette rather than the measly 16 choices you get with the drop down Edit/Set Clip Color.)

2) I use an email folder called Avid to keep various iterations of clip formats with labels with all my tracks given specific names: ie: Audio 1 is NATSOT1, Audio 2 is NATSOT2, Video track 3 might Continue reading

Five Adobe After Effects Shortcuts

By Brady Betzel

As an editor, most of my day is spent inside of Avid Media Composer, but occasionally I will get to turn on my Spotify, groove to the music and crank out some Adobe After Effects or Maxon Cinema 4D work. Over the years I’ve found some shortcuts within After Effects that make my job easier, and I wanted to share five of my favorites… from an editor’s perspective.

Double Click in the project window to import an asset
When importing assets into an Adobe After Effects project I often see people do the archaic: File > Import. Instead, if you just double click in the Project Window you will save yourself a few steps. Simple, but I see it all the time.

Tilde key (`) to make full screen
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