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Caringo offering 100TB of free S3 scale-out storage to M&E firms

Caringo, a scale-out cloud and object storage platform company, is offering complimentary full-featured 100TB Swarm licenses to qualified media & entertainment firms with a need to store, manage and protect their growing library of digital assets while keeping them securely accessible.

Qualified firms include but are not limited to recording studios, content creation and post production houses, broadcasters and film studios.

“IT execs in the M&E space are under extreme pressure to provide long-term accessible storage and instant search and delivery to customers and viewers,” said Adrian Herrera, VP of marketing at Caringo. “The cloud isn’t a viable option for many because of security and cost concerns. The solution to this is using the same technology that powers major clouds — object storage — secure in their datacenter.”

The complimentary 100TB license and integration consultation is immediately available to qualified M&E firms. Interested parties can visit their website for more info.

The system offers:
• Hardware and server use for content. Use up to 95% of hard drive space and 100% of drive bays for digital assets.
• The ability to automatically add performance or capacity in 90 seconds and continuously upgrade hardware without downtime or disruption to asset accessibility.
• Automated policy-based protection to optimize for rapid access or data center footprint delivering enterprise-grade durability while defending against ransomware attacks.
• Cross-platform collaboration and access enabled by Write/Read/Edit via HTTP, S3 or NFS interchangeably.
• Rapid asset retrieval and instant delivery via integrated search with the ability to add custom metadata.

Main Image: NEP’s control room where Caringo’s solutions are in use.

Harmonic next-gen MediaGrid shared storage solution

Harmonic is now offering the next generation of its media storage platform, MediaGrid 4000. The high-performance scale-out storage system increases storage density to 24 6TB drives in a 4RU chassis and offers the performance of a Fibre Channel SAN with the scalability of Ethernet-based network-attached storage (NAS). MediaGrid 4000 — which consists of two new devices, the ContentServer and ContentStore — can be used in the production of live sports, news and f entertainment in HD and 4K/Ultra HD.

Offering twice the performance of MediaGrid 3000 system components, a 50 percent increase in storage capacity and double the number of 10Gb Ethernet ports, the MediaGrid ContentServer 4000 elevates the capabilities and throughput of base MediaGrid systems. Storage capacity can be expanded incrementally by 48, 96 or 144TB by adding MediaGrid ContentStore 4240 nodes outfitted with 24 hot-swappable 2TB, 4TB or 6TB SAS drives. ContentStore 5840 nodes can also be added to MediaGrid 4000 systems for high storage density — up to 504TB in 5RU.

The capacity and throughput of MediaGrid 4000 makes it possible to consolidate “islands” of storage and run all workflow steps off a single system. Offering a low rate of IT utilization, this model reduces operational costs while increasing workflow productivity by reducing media copy and transfer times. Backwards compatibility allows current MediaGrid 3000 users to add MediaGrid 4240 storage nodes to their existing systems, making it easy to expand their storage deployment without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Says Bart Spriester, senior VP, video products at Harmonic, “As an increasing number of media facilities transition to 4K, video codecs become more demanding of storage systems and make capacity requirements more daunting. The MediaGrid 4000 offers a solution to these challenges, leveraging SAN performance and NAS simplicity to facilitate the optimal balance of bandwidth and capacity.”