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Humble director Sam Stephens on the recent Lowe’s Vine campaign

Agency BBDO New York called on production company Humble, its director Sam Stephens and a handful of home improvement bloggers to create a series of stop-motion animated Vine videos that offer out-of-the-box tips to make life at home a little easier — from turning a t-shirt into a pillow case to painting an old cutting board with chalkboard paint and using it for your grocery list to soaking up water spills in the garage with sawdust to removing a water stain from wood using mayo. Yes, mayo.

The Vines represent the latest tips in the #LowesFixinSix Vine campaign, which launched last year.

So let’s dig in a bit with Stephens.

The #LowesFixInSix Vines have become pretty popular, can you explain the idea Continue reading