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Famed colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld named CCO of Deluxe

Stefan Sonnenfeld has been named chief creative officer of Deluxe. Sonnenfeld, a renown colorist who founded Company 3 — a Deluxe company — will drive the artistic strategy for the company’s brands, which work in and color, VFX and editorial for film, TV and commercials.

Sonnenfeld, whose many credits include the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens (2015), Man of Steel (2013) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), will, according to Deluxe, continue to color film and commercial projects. He will also “continue to be heavily hands-on, and will balance his work as an artist with his role in growing Deluxe’s creative business.”

John Wallace, CEO of Deluxe, had this to say about Sonnenfeld: “We are grateful for his creative vision over the last two decades and look forward to building upon the foundation he created as we move into the next phase of Deluxe’s growth.”



Technicolor PostWorks John Crowley on color grading ‘The Americans’

By Randi Altman

Just a couple of weeks ago, FX’s The Americans aired its third season finale, and it was a good one. Who would expect anything less? This drama follows a Russian husband and wife who are undercover in the DC area during the Cold War. They look American, sound American and have two kids, who truly are American.

The show is shot in New York and gets its color grading from New York-based Technicolor PostWorks (@postworksNY) via colorist John Crowley, who works directly with the show’s DP Richard Rutkowski. He and Rutkowski started talking back in October 2013, right before the show started shooting Season Two. You may remember we covered the audio post for The Americans back in earlyMarch. Another New York post house, Sync Sound, and specifically Ken Hah, provided these services.  Continue reading

Indie filmmaker Randy DeFord makes ‘Taylor Bertram’ his way

By Randi Altman

Monticello, Indiana — Independent filmmakers come in different shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is their desire to tell a story. Thanks to today’s affordable technology, more creatives can call themselves independent filmmakers than ever before — and even produce films that can compete against those with varying budgets.

Oak Road Media’s Randy DeFord is one such filmmaker — he embraces the term “doing it all.”DeFord wrote, directed, produced, shot, edited, recorded, posted all the audio, and Continue reading