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NAB 2015: Adobe, Foundry and revisiting the ‘big picture’

By Adrian Winter

Admittedly, it’s taken me a while to put this entry together, as the days between when NAB wrapped up until now have been very busy. How busy? So busy that I have yet to catch up with Daredevil. THAT’S how busy. I am not starting Episode 10, despite the fact that Episode 9 ended on a really crazy note and I can’t stop thinking about it. Instead, I am taking this time to run through my last day at NAB.

While the exhibit floor on toward the end of the show was significantly less crowded than earlier in the week, there were still some gems to be found that are worth reporting on.

Wednesday morning found me at the Adobe booth, taking in demos of the new releases of CC Continue reading

Turner optimizes Premiere Pro CC workflow via Scale Logic, FlavourSys

Scale Logic has provided workflow migration and integrated project management expertise to optimize the Adobe Premiere Pro CC workflow at Turner Studios. Scale Logic worked with FlavourSys to create an efficient project-management workflow based on FlavourSys’ Strawberry production asset management system. The workflow is compatible with Turner Studios’ centralized storage system and also drives better workflow efficiencies around corporate adoption of Adobe Creative Cloud.

With the installation and integration of Strawberry at Atlanta’s Turner Studios, Scale Logic has delivered two separate but related workflow benefits for the company’s post operations: First, Strawberry enables a phased-in, managed-migration platform for Turner Studios, supporting management’s goal to transition the post editing workflow from Avid to Adobe. Second, Strawberry provides additional project management benefits and collaboration tools that, in aggregate, equate to a highly optimized and cost-effective Adobe Premiere Pro-based workflow that can be scaled out on a facility wide basis.

The Strawberry collaborative workflow helps the post editing team at Turner Studios by leveraging features such as the ability to handle Adobe cache files across the SAN; and instant project creation, sharing, and discovery across all storage tiers, including online, near-line and archive.