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IBC 2013 Day 2: 4K and Monetization


By Tim Spitzer
Managing Director
Goldcrest Post New York

The buzz and bywords of IBC are two dishes which don’t easily fit on the same plate, but were in equally omnipresent display: 4K and monetize. Whoever makes the tasty dish out of those ingredients is my champion.

Things I saw day two that charmed me:

Fraunhofer had three such items at their booth. Continue reading

Day One at the IBC conference

By Simon Ray
Head of Operations and Engineering
Goldcrest London

We got to the show around 4pm.

Already managed to see about 4 stands in the 2 hours we were there.  At this rate we will have finished the whole show by sometime in December.

Had a great demo on Resolve, but Blackmagic don’t seem to be too interested in flogging it as a high-end colour corrector with a small area tucked away in the corner of their huge booth and no real way of organizing personal demos.

Quick look at the new Avid S6 console, looks shiny and we have a demo arranged for Sunday – I am hoping for a ‘paradigm shift’, or at least a whoop and a high-five.

Nice post 6pm beers on the Quantel stand.

The thoughts and opinions here don’t necessarily reflect those of postPerspective.

Why I am going to IBC 2013

By Simon Ray
Head of Operations & Engineering

Goldcrest Post Production On the train on the way to Amsterdam for IBC 2013.  What is the point of this visit? This seems to be an interesting time to look to be investing picture post.  File-based workflows are much more mature and there are lots of vendors competing for your business. Having the opportunity to visit them all within in few hours of each other is a great way to help you make informed decisions.  Also, it is fun to look at expensive shiny boxes with flashing knobs on. Continue reading

Meet The Artist: Sandra Dow

Behind the Title…

The 20-year vet of The Mill couldn’t live without a kettle, DVR and an encoder… oh, and she likes sleep!


NAME: Sandra Dow

COMPANY: The Mill (@millvfx) in Los Angeles

The Mill in Los Angeles has been producing visual effects content and imagery for commercials and films since 2007

Head of MCR  (Master Control Room)

The Machine Room is responsible for everything that enters or leaves The Mill. I would like to think we are the heart of The Mill, without us, the building couldn’t run. It might not be the most glamorous job, but we make sure that all the months/day/hours of creative hard work actually reach your TV/computer screen looking the best they possibly can and on time.

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Adobe updating video tools in Creative Cloud, Anywhere

SAN JOSE, CA — Adobe is talking updates, to be available in October, to video tools within its Adobe Creative Cloud — there will be over 150 new features that include new capabilities in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Prelude CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Adobe Story CC Plus.

These updates are meant to help video pros collaborate and deliver high-quality productions across multiple screens. Important updates will also be added to Adobe Anywhere for video, which enables large virtual teams of talent to efficiently shoot, log, edit, share and finish video productions together.

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DS is dead, long live DS


By Barry Goch

LOS ANGELES — When the news came of DS’s demise I was in shock. It’s as if a dear friend who’s been sick for a while finally passes. I knew it was inevitable, but that doesn’t take away the pain. Who am I to speak of pain when it’s just a software application, right? Well, for the folks that got it, and unfortunately there aren’t enough of us, it’s a huge loss. Not just professionally, but on a deeper level.
“…the passion comes from being so impressed with an all-encompassing bit of software.”Tony Quinsee-Jover , HDHeaven.com Continue reading

Fox Sports 1 debuts first spot

FREMONT, Calif. —Fox Sports 1’s first commercial, Happy Days Are Here Again, was directed by HSI Productions’ Joseph Kahn with aerial footage being shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Launched on August 17, Fox Sports 1 includes coverage of NASCAR, UFC, college football, college basketball and soccer coverage, along with studio shows, such as Fox Football Daily and Fox Sports Live.

The commercial called for aerial shots of a NASCAR race, and HSI Productions turned to Mi6 Films, an aerial photography and video company based in Southern California. Because the NASCAR shoot took place at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, Mi6 Films partnered with Beaufort, SC-based Wollwerthfilms for the aerial shots.

Wollwerthfilms specializes in aerial cinematography and provided a high-tech RC aerial cinematography rig equipped with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera in order to help capture the intensity of a 200mph NASCAR race during the first day of shooting at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“The director, Joseph Kahn, was looking for a really dramatic wipe reveal of the stadium and motor speedway with fans cheering and waving,” said Stephen Wollwerth, owner wollwerthfilms. “We were also able to capture a long straight high speed shot where we cleared the fence and dropped down to just over the track level as cars were passing underneath.”

In order to achieve these shots, they mounted a Blackmagic Cinema Camera on a 3X Pro v3 gimbal from PhotoShip One, which was then mounted on an aerial cinematography rig Wollwerth built himself. A Blackmagic Design Mini Converter SDI to Analog was also mounted on the helicopter to convert the video feed to analog and send it downlink from the helicopter wirelessly for ground viewing.

“We needed really high video quality to match the other high-end cameras that were used for shooting, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera fit right in,” said Wollwerth. “The footage was shot in 2.5K CinemaDNG RAW format for optimum image quality, and the 13 stops of dynamic range really gave us the latitude we needed. Even DIT Jeremy Ball commented that the latitude of the footage was amazing.”

Jeremy Ball, colorist/DIT/post supervisor/owner of A Grade, a Charlotte-based post production facility, worked with Jeremy and Bryan Scibelli, of production and post facility Cinemanix, who were the DITs for the Charlotte location, They used the Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve color corrector for setting up look-up tables, data management, transcoding and rendering out on set dailies.

“We had a mix of Resolve and Resolve Lite, and we couldn’t have asked for a better organizational tool. Resolve’s ability to add in different types of metadata carried through the post process was invaluable, especially with the multi camera, multi location and multi day shoot,” said Ball.

Meet The Artist: Brady Betzel

Behind the title….

Brady Drinking Margarita

This post pro enjoys pressure, early mornings and getting home in time to hang with his son.

NAME: Brady Betzel

COMPANY: Bunim/Murray Productions in Van Nuys, California.


We are a production and post facility wrapped in a family of professionals. Continue reading

Meet The Artist: John Kleber

Behind the title…


Bridging the gap between the technical and creative.

NAME: John Kleber

COMPANY: Harbor Picture Company 


Harbor is an artist-built, talent-driven company providing a full range of services to the film and television community in New York City. We built our facility to foster creativity and encourage collaboration. By working with the best talent and technology, we are able to provide an elegant production pipeline that is sufficiently flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any production. Continue reading

Meet The Artist: Walter Werzowa

Behind the title…


Owning a company means wearing many different hats, including one that says “therapist” on it.

NAME: Walter Werzowa

COMPANY: MusikVergnuegen 


We are an audio concept entity based in Hollywood. Our goal: that every 20 seconds, someone in the world is enjoying our music. We are currently at 58 seconds. Continue reading