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Quantel releases 64-bit software for eQ, iQ and Pablo

AMSTERDAM — At IBC 2013 Quantel (www.quantel.com) announced a new 64-bit software release for its eQ, iQ and Pablo systems. The new software takes advantage of the modern PC within the eQ, iQ or Pablo to enable the system to take advantage of all the latest tools already delivered on Pablo Rio this year.

Major highlights of the package include: Support for all the new formats announced for Pablo Rio; Mocha tracker enhancements; Larger than 2GB WAV file support; Sony F65 soft-mount; Support for Sony F55 and F5; Video stretch render format choices; Audio loudness monitoring via NuGen VisLM plug-in; Support for P2 and AVCi encoding for MXF; Color ranges – highlights active modes

Aperture – separate RGB channel defocus and sharpen.

Quantel has also reached an agreement with Fraunhofer IIS to integrate its DCP creation and importing software into the Pablo Rio, Pablo, iQ and eQ toolsets. The software offers the most requested functionality of Fraunhofer IIS’s standalone easyDCP toolset as a fully integrated resource in the Quantel GUI.

In other news, Quantel announced integration of Adobe Premiere Pro into the Enterprise sQ workflow. The new Quantel Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro allows Premiere users to search and select content on the Quantel system. Selected content is then automatically transferred to the current project bin in the Premiere system ready for use. The development is underpinned by Quantel’s QTube technology, which delivers the necessary connectivity.

When the job is completed on Premiere, it is delivered back to the Enterprise sQ system via a second new Panel for playout. This Panel allows the Premiere user to select the destination system and to add appropriate metadata to integrate into the sQ workflow.

Adobe Premiere Pro integration will be available at the end of October 2013 and will be free to all Enterprise sQ customers.