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Digital Arts expands team, adds Nutmeg Creative talent

Digital Arts, an independently owned New York-based post house, has added several former Nutmeg Creative talent and production staff members to its roster — senior producer Lauren Boyle, sound designer/mixers Brian Beatrice and Frank Verderosa, colorist Gary Scarpulla, finishing editor/technical engineer Mark Spano and director of production Brian Donnelly.

“Growth of talent, technology, and services has always been part of the long-term strategy for Digital Arts, and we’re fortunate to welcome some extraordinary new talent to our staff,” says Digital Arts owner Axel Ericson. “Whether it’s long-form content for film and television, or working with today’s leading agencies and brands creating dynamic content, we have the talent and technology to make all of our clients’ work engaging, and our enhanced services bring their creative vision to fruition.”

Brian Donnelly, Lauren Boyle and Mark Spano.

As part of this expansion, Digital Arts will unveil additional infrastructure featuring an ADR stage/mix room. The current facility boasts several state-of-the-art audio suites, a 4K finishing theater/mixing dubstage, four color/finishing suites and expansive editorial and production space, which is spread over four floors.

The former Nutmeg team has hit the ground running working their long-time ad agency, network, animation and film studio clients. Gary Scarpulla worked on color for HBO’s Veep and Los Espookys, while Frank Verderosa has been working with agency Ogilvy on several Ikea campaigns. Beatrice mixed spots for Tom Ford’s cosmetics line.

In addition, Digital Arts’ in-house theater/mixing stage has proven to be a valuable resource for some of the most popular TV productions, including recording recent commentary sessions for the legendary HBO series, Game of Thrones and the final season of Veep.

Especially noteworthy is colorist Ericson’s and finishing editor Mark Spano’s collaboration with Oscar-winning directors Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim to bring to fruition the Netflix documentary The Great Hack.

Digital Arts also recently expanded its offerings to include production services. The company has already delivered projects for agencies Area 23, FCB Health and TCA.

“Digital Arts’ existing infrastructure was ideally suited to leverage itself into end-to-end production,” Donnelly says. “Now we can deliver from shoot to post.”

Tools employed across post are Avid Pro Tools, D Control ES, S3 for audio post and Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic Resolve for editing. Color grading is via Resolve.

Main Image: (L-R) Frank Verderosa, Brian Beatrice and Gary Scarpulla


When inventions leave the post suite

The team behind RuckSackNY branches out

By Randi Altman

One of the big reasons I love this industry and couldn’t imagine working at anything else is the people. Not only are they nice on the whole, but creativity oozes out of them in ways that go beyond their day job.

Many I’ve interviewed over the years relax by playing music, writing, drawing… even making wine. They can’t help but to create. That brings one pro to mind immediately. Fred Ruckel, creative director at NYC’s RuckSackNY, has a thriving business servicing some major brands with creative and post, but his mind just keeps on creating even after the workday is done.

Most recently, after watching his cat have a ton of fun with a piece of extra carpet in their home — scratching it, clawing it, climbing under it and on it — Fred and his wife Natasha (co-owner in RucksackNY and pictured with Fred in our main story image) thought “what a great toy for cats, and there is nothing on the market like it.”

Now, this is where the majority of people who have a great idea would say “if only,” and I’m pointing a giant finger firmly at my face at the moment. Unlike the majority of people, the Ruckels actually followed through in a big way.

first second
Screen grabs from the Ripple Rug spot.

They immediately thought how they could make this “piece of carpet” even more fun for their Yoda and other cats like her. They cut a variety of holes, of all different sizes, into the carpet and watched the cat engage even more with their invention. But that was just the beginning. They filed a patent, they bought sewing machines and they designed an interactive play toy that any cat would love. They found a distributor here in the United States and pledged to only use recycled materials for what is now the Ripple Rug. They designed the packaging, and their message, and in typical production and post pro fashion, they created a commercial.

Fred lighting the product.

The Spot
Fred shot the piece with a Canon 5D using multiple lenses and Fiilex LED lighting packages with temperature controls. This allowed them to dial the color temps to make it look natural.  For product shots they employed a slider rig and a motorized variable speed turntable. For audio a wireless Sennheiser boom setup to feed a TASCAM field recorder got the nod.

Next up was the post side of things. The video was edited with Adobe Premiere. In addition to Premiere, Fred also called on the entire Adobe Creative Suite — Audition and SpeedGrade in particular.

Fred working the Adobe suite.

While Fred was working on the post, Natasha was creating the branding assets for the website, the video and the Kickstarter campaign. That’s right, this past Monday they launched their Kickstarter campaign.

“People do not realize how much goes into a brand launch,” reports Natasha. “When I worked at Autodesk, I handled the release marketing for Flame, Smoke, and 3ds Max, so I was able to call upon my past experiences to develop a solid marketing plan for our product while preparing all the collateral that must support it.”

So check out their Kickstarter campaign, and their Website RippleRug.com. Your cat might just love you for it.

Meet The Artist: Walter Werzowa

Behind the title…


Owning a company means wearing many different hats, including one that says “therapist” on it.

NAME: Walter Werzowa

COMPANY: MusikVergnuegen 


We are an audio concept entity based in Hollywood. Our goal: that every 20 seconds, someone in the world is enjoying our music. We are currently at 58 seconds. Continue reading