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NAB 2015: Adobe, Foundry and revisiting the ‘big picture’

By Adrian Winter

Admittedly, it’s taken me a while to put this entry together, as the days between when NAB wrapped up until now have been very busy. How busy? So busy that I have yet to catch up with Daredevil. THAT’S how busy. I am not starting Episode 10, despite the fact that Episode 9 ended on a really crazy note and I can’t stop thinking about it. Instead, I am taking this time to run through my last day at NAB.

While the exhibit floor on toward the end of the show was significantly less crowded than earlier in the week, there were still some gems to be found that are worth reporting on.

Wednesday morning found me at the Adobe booth, taking in demos of the new releases of CC Continue reading

ftrack 3.2 intros Nuke Studio integration, expands Actions framework

This summer, ftrack will release version 3.2 of its cloud-based project management platform for the creative, visual effects and animation industries.

ftrack 3.2 will include integration with Nuke Studio, a move that puts The Foundry’s entire file-based workflow into an asset-based workflow for ftrack users, thus eliminating the need to use the file system. Instead artists will get off-the-shelf access to creative project management.

Also, with the crew tab and chat feature, coordinators, producers and other users will be able to communicate with their fellow team members via text and video chat. The chat feature is intended to break down communication barriers and reduce bottlenecks so that information can go directly to relevant crew members.

In addition to the Nuke Studio integration, ftrack 3.2 will see upgrades to the platform’s Actions system, which allows users to integrate processes, automate repetitive tasks or create file system structures. Designed to increase efficiency, the improved Actions functionality will give developers the freedom to implement their own tools, customize parts of the UI and request additional information from the user before the Actions run (e.g., email addresses for report recipients).

The Foundry updates Nuke Studio, tackles VR/AR content at NAB

The Foundry has updated Nuke Studio, its node-based VFX, editorial and finishing studio for creative individuals and teams. New features include multiple overlay tracks and blending modes in the timeline; enhanced audio editorial tools that let users view an audio track’s waveform within the timeline and apply cross-fades and fade in/out to audio tracks using handles; and XML and AAF support for grades, nonlinear retimes, transforms and cropping, which enables automatic creation of external editorial effects within the application.

The Foundry has also added a burn-in soft effect to the application’s realtime in-timeline effects, allowing users to add review information directly in the timeline for use during review. Finally, Nuke Studio and the Nuke and NukeX Flipbook now have native support for stereo playback — both in the application and through SDI-out.

At the same time, the company is developing technologies to address specific challenges in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) content creation. These technologies are based on internal R&D, technology partnerships, and collaboration with more than 30 media and entertainment companies.

Specifically, The Foundry has worked with its VFX clients on experimental new tools and workflows to manipulate and composite live-action VR using Nuke. Developments include calibration and stitching of live-action 360-degree footage from multicamera rigs; live connection to Oculus Rift to review stitching, grading, and depth; support for compositing with ray-trace rendering for CG placement and projections; and spherical-aware operations and viewing with equirectangular images.

The Foundry will preview these experimental new VR/AR content creation technologies at the 2015 NAB Show as part of a live stream on Tuesday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT. The company will also demonstrate Nuke Studio’s new features during that streaming session.

NAB: The Foundry announces Nuke Studio for VFX, editorial and finishing

Las Vegas – Here at the NAB show, The Foundry introduced Nuke Studio, allowing users to do VFX, editorial and finishing in a single application. It will be available later this year.

This new tool extends the existing Nukeproduct line and draws on The Foundry’s existing compositing, conforming and shot management technology, as well as adding a host of new features and functionality. Nuke Studio is a node-based VFX, editorial and finishing studio that’s targeted at artists working independently as well as in collaborative teams.

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