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Animation and audio combine to celebrate 40 years of Nike shoes

By Jennifer Walden

How do you celebrate 40 years of athletic shoe history? Well if you are Nike, with a two-minute web film featuring the visual evolution of the brand’s sneakers from 1971-2014. Nike’s “Genealogy of Innovation” was created by animation production company Golden Wolf in London, led by co-founder/creative director Ingi Erlingsson, motion graphics lead Alex Fernandez and producer Ant Baena.

Creating the music and sound design were co-founders of Echoic Audio in Bristol, England, composer/mixer David Johnston and sound designer/composer Tom Gilbert. They wrote seven unique music tracks, one for each section of the film, crafted the sound design and handled the final mix. Working closely with the creative team at Golden Wolf, Echoic Audio was able to knock out the entire project in just over a week using a divide and conquer approach. Continue reading