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Nina Davenport joins animation studio Clockwork VFX


NEW YORK – Clockwork VFX, with offices here and in Dubai, has added veteran agency producer Nina Davenport to its NYC-based team. Davenport comes aboard the eight-year-old studio, following nearly five years as a Producer at Uproar!, a New York-based kid/family centered marketing agency.

According to Jason Tomlins, Clockwork’s co-founder/creative director, Davenport’s years in commercial production will be a huge asset to the studio,whose recent work includes spots for Microsoft/Xbox One, Monsters 500 and mobile game Pirate101.

“I enjoyed Uproar! but it was time for a fresh challenge,” she says. “Jason offered me the opportunity to use my knowledge of the ad industry, my understanding of production and love of animation in fresh way, helping to build a brand for which I have a lot of respect and heart.”

Davenport began her career in 1987 at the now defunct agency Griffin Bacal, New York, where she remained as a Producer for 7 years. She moved onto Grey Advertising, New York, in 1994 before joining D’Arcy, New York, as an Executive Producer. In 2007 she joined UPROAR! where she remained until joining Clockwork VFX (http://www.clockworkvfx.com).

DS is dead, long live DS


By Barry Goch

LOS ANGELES — When the news came of DS’s demise I was in shock. It’s as if a dear friend who’s been sick for a while finally passes. I knew it was inevitable, but that doesn’t take away the pain. Who am I to speak of pain when it’s just a software application, right? Well, for the folks that got it, and unfortunately there aren’t enough of us, it’s a huge loss. Not just professionally, but on a deeper level.
“…the passion comes from being so impressed with an all-encompassing bit of software.”Tony Quinsee-Jover , HDHeaven.com Continue reading