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Quick Chat: Ataboy’s Vikkal Parikh on Peach Kings’ Mojo Thunder video

By Randi Altman

The Peach Kings, an LA-based blues-rock duo comprised of Paige Wood and Steven Dies, needed a music video for the title track of their album Mojo Thunder, which was released in June. They had an idea of what they wanted it to be but needed a creative partner to make their vision a reality.

That partner ended up being New York-based design and animation studio Ataboy. The almost four-minute animated offering tells the story of how pain and abuse can lead to self-destructive behavior. The band told Ataboy to think, “swamp, dark and psychedelic” for the Mojo Thunder video. Ataboy owner/creative director Vikkal Parikh brought in directors Kris Merc and Benjy Brooke, who took that direction and crafted what Parikh calls “a sexy, Continue reading