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2015 last version of Autodesk’s Softimage

By Randi Altman

Montreal — During a virtual press conference this week, Autodesk’s Maurice Patel announced that the upcoming Softimage 2015 will be the last release of Softimage.

“The industry is going through challenging times ,and Autodesk realizes we need to focus our efforts on fewer products,” he said, adding they will focus on 3ds Max and Maya, the company’s other 3D animation software offerings.

The company will offer support and service packs for Softimage for next for two years, but the product will not receive new feature development.

Existing users with a subscription can move to Max or Maya with no transitional cost. “This way users can ramp up Max and Maya and train while still using Softimage. They can either continue Max and Maya or discontinue their subscriptions.”

Customers who want to continue to use Softimage don’t have to take advantage of transitions, but moving to Max and Maya will give most benefit because those products will continue to evolve,” says Patel.

The Softimage development team will remain and work on new product development.

Autodesk emphasizes they are not putting Softimage features into other products, but instead finding ways to make the transitions to other products easier. “We are not trying to recreate Softimage in Maya and Max,” concludes Patel.