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Object Matrix and Arvato partner for managing digital archives

Object Matrix and Arvato Systems have partnered to help companies instantly access, manage, browse and edit clips from their digital archives.

Using Arvato’s production asset management platform, VPMS EditMate along with the media-focused object storage solution from Object Matrix, MatrixStore, the companies report that organizations can significantly reduce the time needed to manage media workflows, while making content easily discoverable. The integration makes it easy to unlock assets held in archive, enable creative collaboration and monetize archived assets.

MatrixStore is a media-focused private and hybrid cloud storage platform that provides instant access to all media assets. Built upon object-based storage technology, MatrixStore provides digital content governance through an integrated and automated storage platform supporting multiple media-based workflows while providing a secure and scalable solution.

VPMS EditMate is a toolkit built for managing and editing projects in a streamlined, intuitive and efficient manner, all from within Adobe Premiere Pro. From project creation and collecting media, to the export and storage of edited material, users benefit from a series of features designed to simplify the spectrum of tasks involved in a modern and collaborative editing environment.

CatDV MAM expands support for enterprise workflows

Square Box Systems has introduced several enhancements geared to larger-scale enterprise use of its flagship CatDV media asset management (MAM) solution. These include expanded customization capabilities for tailored MAM workflows, new enhancements for cloud and hybrid installations, and expanded support for micro-services and distributed deployments.

CatDV now can operate seamlessly in hybrid IT environments consisting of both on-premises and cloud-based resources, enabling transparent management and movement of content across NAS, SAN, cloud or object storage tiers.

New customization features include enhanced JavaScript support and an all-new custom user interface toolkit. Both the desktop and web versions of CatDV and the system’s Worker automation engine now support JavaScript, and the user interface toolkit enables customers to build completely new user experiences for every CatDV component. Recent CatDV customizations, built on these APIs, include a document analyzer that can extract text from PDFs, photos, and MS Office documents for indexing by CatDV; and a tool for uploading assets to YouTube.

CatDV’s new cloud/hybrid enhancements include integration with file acceleration tools from Aspera, as well as extended support for AWS S3 archive, such as KMS encryption and Glacier support with configurable expedited restores. CatDV has also built an all-new AWS deployment template with proxy playback from S3. CatDV also now includes support for Backblaze B2 archive and Contigo object storage.

In addition, the latest version of CatDV now supports deployment of server plug-in components on separate servers. Examples include data movers for archive plug-ins such as Black Pearl, S3, Azure, and B2.

IBC: Square Box offers CatDV 11, CatDV Web 2, further integration with Adobe

At IBC, Square Box Systems is showing CatDV 11, the next-generation of its asset management software, in addition to CatDV Web 2, the company’s new approach to online media asset management.

The new features and toolsets in CatDV 11 and CatDV Web2, along with fresh workflow capabilities between Adobe Premiere Pro CC editorial software and Adobe Anywhere realtime collaborative platform, are designed to allow content owners to more easily repurpose and monetize their media assets, and significantly improve end-to-end workflow efficiency from production and post, through to delivery and distribution.

“CatDV 11 and CatDV Web 2 build on the strengths of previous versions of these leading MAM platforms, and deliver a step-change in performance and capabilities for small, medium and large enterprises alike,” says Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box. “CatDV Web 2 in particular provides a fresh, clean user interface that is completely intuitive to non-technical users, making it much easier for marketers and sales teams to repurpose material and monetize their content. These latest advances in CatDV media asset management systems make it far simpler and faster to perform the whole range of management tasks on an even wider range of production materials.”

Key features of CatDV 11 include an enhanced user-experience, with additional media management tools, accessible to new customers and familiar to exiting users; native-capable playback engine, supporting the latest digital cinematography cameras; improved integration with major video editing and creative collaboration platforms; and new functions for enterprise-scale deployments. CatDV 11’s new 64-bit architecture speeds up overall performance.

CatDV works with many high-res media formats, and the new CatDV 11 extends this support with a new player architecture supporting the latest broadcast formats as well as native Red Epic and AVCHD/MTS footage.

Key features of the new GUI include the creation of workspaces for convenient browsing, ingest, logging and search functions; tabbed browsing, which simplifies the process of working with multiple catalogues and query results; user-defined color-coding of smart labels; simplified tree navigation that allows the grouping of useful functions together that improve workflow; pop-up panels with metadata preview; and a hover-to-scrub facility that enables users to quickly preview their content. The addition of global metadata fields within CatDV 11 help to make large, enterprise deployments and automation easier.

CatDV Web 2 offers intuitive media and metadata management toolsets via an entirely browser-driven web interface. Features include logging, search and retrieval tools, a rough-cut editing capability, and easy system administration.

CatDV Web 2 can be used as the only interface to CatDV, or can co-exist with existing web and desktop clients, and is suited for cloud deployments, increasing the reach of CatDV outside typical production or engineering teams.

Integration with Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC and Anywhere
CatDV has worked closely with Adobe to improve workflow capabilities between CatDV 11 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC editorial software and Adobe Anywhere realtime collaborative platform.

An integrated CatDV panel within Premiere Pro supports a wide variety of search mechanisms, sub-clips, sequences and markers. Metadata and footage can also be previewed. CatDV for Anywhere adds the power of CatDV media management to Adobe Anywhere for video: sharing CatDV’s content seamlessly with Anywhere productions, within CatDV and via Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Main image: CatDV Adobe Premiere Panel 3.

Dalet purchases AmberFin

Las Vegas — Paris-based Dalet Digital Media Systems, a provider of media asset management (MAM) solutions, software and services for content providers and broadcasters, has signed a definitive agreement with Advent Venture Partners to acquire AmberFin, a UK-based company that specializes in video ingest, complex media manipulation, transcoding and quality control (QC) solutions.

The acquisition broadens the Dalet product offerings, which are built around an open, IT-centric technology framework. It creates an end-to-end solutions that includes comprehensive MAM capabilities along with the latest image processing, media transcoding and distribution.

“This acquisition allows us to offer the industry the most advanced level of workflow options. AmberFin has been at the forefront in mastering media, including transcoding and video quality control. The company has spearheaded many widely adopted industry standards such as MXF and AS-02. Its talent and expertise directly complement Dalet’s strengths in enterprise MAM-driven solutions,” said David Lasry, CEO of Dalet. “By melding our resources and innovative technologies, we can enrich both the Dalet and AmberFin products to offer the most complete and forward-thinking solutions for content providers to optimize their human resources and media assets. From ingest through multi-platform delivery, operators in news, sports and programming will reap tremendous efficiencies and productivity by applying our combined technologies.”

Dalet will continue to develop and support the AmberFin product line from that location. Jeremy Deaner is stepping down as CEO of AmberFin but is serving as a consultant for a period of time to facilitate the transition.


Netia MAM solution offering integration of MediaSpeech speech-to-text engine


CLARET, FRANCE — Netia (www.netia.com) has entered into a partnership with Vecsys (http://www.vecsys.fr), a company offering speech-to-text tools, through which the latter company’s MediaSpeech “speech-to-text” engine will be integrated into the Netia MAM (media asset management) solution to make full-text transcription and search capabilities available alongside video in the MAM interface.

This new capability enables the automated transcription of audio tracks accompanying any ingested video as well as greater control over indexing, enriching, storing, retrieving, and monetizing A/V content.

“By converting audio tracks into searchable transcriptions, the MediaSpeech engine not only supports faster and more effective content searches, but also enables more comprehensive extraction of metadata and more extensive automated indexing,” says Paul Henri Oltra, VP/ CTO at Netia. “These benefits are significant individually, and together they yield a tremendous boost in the efficiency with which users can find and use the content they want or need.”

The incorporation of proven MediaSpeech technology into the Netia MAM makes it even easier for media companies to deliver content according to their customers’ demands. From ingest to distribution in applications ranging from media logging to production, post, and archiving, Netia MAM users can simply access, search, browse, and retrieve content through a single interface tailored to their work.