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Review: Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 7.6 Studio

This compositing pro gives us an overview of the newest version.

By Joël Gibbs

Blackmagic made big news with its acquisition of Eyeon last year, and it didn’t take long for them to rebrand the software and make the tool its own. The acquisition happened in mid September, and by December 19, Fusion 7.6 Studio was shipping.

Personally, I was pretty excited about the acquisition. Those of us that have been using Fusion for a few years (I’m pretty recent, picking it up about five or six years ago) were worried about the product’s future. Fusion the software was still great, but there were marketing issues, and third-party developers were pulling away from it. Now Blackmagic has put Fusion back in the Continue reading

Behind the Title: Magnetic Dreams director/compositor Joël Gibbs

NAME: Joël Gibbs

COMPANY: Magnetic Dreams (@MagneticDreams)

Magnetic Dreams is an animation studio located in Nashville. We handle a variety of projects ranging from VFX, motion graphics to full CG spots.

Well, it’s sort of a two-headed beast title: Director and Lead Compositor.

Being a smaller studio, you tend to wear several hats. For me, I’ve somehow worked my way
into being at both ends of the production spectrum. It works out pretty well, since I can Continue reading

Magnetic Dreams talks organization and productivity

This VFX/animation boutique calls on Shotgun software to keep them on track.

By Don Culwell

Magnetic Dreams is a boutique Nashville-based VFX and animation studio with an underdog spirit. Overseeing a staff of about 30 artists working on everything from commercials with a one-day turnaround to long-term feature projects, I value tools that can help our workflow thrive while keeping things simple at the same time.

For the past three years, Magnetic Dreams has been using Shotgun for our production management, and it has given us a huge advantage in terms of organization and productivity.

Being a small shop is a double-edged sword. One thing our clients like about working with Continue reading