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Michael Kammes takes on VR in his latest ‘5 Things’ episode

The newest episode in Michael Kammes 5 Things series focuses on virtual reality. “There is a fine line between VR and AR (augmented reality),” he says. “AR, as the name implies, augments our existing environment — Iron Man’s heads-up display or HUD in his helmet is a very basic example of this. Virtual reality transports you somewhere different, even if it’s just your neighbor’s house…when they’re home, of course. VR can be 360 degrees, or, in some cases it can be less than that. Not only does this help the creators focus the story within a certain visual space, but it also helps hide many of the tricks used in production to get the shot.”

In this offering, Kammes answers five tech questions about VR — a primer, of sorts, for those looking to get into the realm of immersive video, but don’t know where to tech-start.

1. What is VR?
2. How do I shoot VR?
3. How do I edit VR?
4. How do I view VR?
5. What’s the future for VR?

Give it a watch…

Michael Kammes’ day job is as the director of technology for Key Code Media, a video/audio reseller and systems integrator.

Cool Stuff: Michael Kammes’ new Web series ‘5 Things’

By Randi Altman

Many of you, especially those who follow social media, might already know of Michael Kammes (@michaelkammes). As his Twitter description says, he’s a director of technology and marketing (at Key Code Media), a workflow consultant, a product specialist, a sound editor, a pundit, a geek, former Chicagoan and current Angeleno.

He is also creator of the new 5 Things web series where he picks a topic or technology and tells you the good and the bad. He has episodes dedicated to Adobe Anywhere, 4K and, most recently, Nexidia Dialogue Search. Next week the episode on Codecs will become live.

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ProMAX and Key Code Media partner

Santa Ana, California —  ProMAX Systems, manufacturer of multi-functional, high-performance shared storage servers and editing workstations for video, is partnering with Key Code Media to represent ProMAX’s Platform Series.

The former competitors have found a new alliance since ProMAX has exclusively moved to manufacturing video shared storage solutions, transitioning away from the firm’s 20-year history as a VAR to the video post production industry.

The manufacturer and reseller have aligned to increase ProMAX’s outreach not only within the media and entertainment sector but also to expand the new Platform Series’ reach among broadcast, corporate, educational, house of worship and government markets to answer shared video storage and post production workflow needs.

“ProMAX Platform brought some unique technologies and clever approaches to shared storage; robust CPUs which can both transcode and render directly on Platform, replication technologies on a standard Windows 2012 server.  Platform brings both a unique workflow to the industry along with super competitive pricing.  At Key Code Media, we are focused on defining the best alternatives for our clients enabling them to make investments with solid returns to their business,” explains Key Code Media’s (http://www.keycodemedia.com) president, Mike Cavanagh.

ProMAX (www.promax.com/platform) CEO, Jess Hartmann adds, “Key Code is well known for its high levels of integrity and client consultative services.  We are building a reseller channel that personifies the high performance and quality standards that are built into our systems. Having known Key Code’s competencies as a competitor, it’s great to be working with their team to expand ProMAX’s visibility in the video shared storage arena.”

Photo Caption: ProMAX Channel Manager Amy Lounsbury,  CEO Jess Hartmann and sales director Nate Cooper with Key Code Media president Mike Cavanagh at a recent Key Code Roadshow event.