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Post vet Katie Hinsen now head of operations at NZ’s Department of Post

Katie Hinsen, who many of you may know as co-founder of the Blue Collar Post Collective, has moved back to her native New Zealand and has been named head of operations at Aukland’s Department of Post.

Most recently at New York City’s Light Iron, Hinsen comes from a technical and operations background, with credits on over 80 major productions. Over a 20-year career she has worked as an engineer, editor, VFX artist, stereoscopic 3D artist, colorist and finishing artist on commercials, documentaries, television, music videos, shorts and feature films. In addition to Light Iron, she has had stints at New Zealand’s Park Road Post Production and Goldcrest in New York.

Hinsen has throughout her career been involved in both production and R&D of new digital acquisition and distribution formats, including stereoscopic/autostereoscopic 3D, Red, HFR, HDR, 4K+ and DCP. Her expertise includes HDR, 4K and 8K workflows.

“I was looking for a company that had the forward-thinking agility to be able to grow in a rapidly changing industry. New Zealand punches well above its weight in talent and innovation, and now is the time to use this to expand our wider post production ecosystem,” says Hinsen.

“Department of Post is a company that has shown rapid growth and great success by taking risks, thinking outside the box, and collaborating across town, across the country and across the world. That’s a model I can work with, to help bring and retain more high-end work to Auckland’s post community. We’ve got an increasing number of large-scale productions choosing to shoot here. I want to give them a competitive reason to stay here through Post.“

Department of Post was started by James Brookes and James Gardner in 2008. They provide offline, online, color, audio and deliverables services to film and television productions, both local and international.

Blue Collar Post Collective gets new co-president, expands leadership

One of the founding members of the Blue Collar Post Collective, post pro Katie Hinsen, is moving back to her native New Zealand and, as a result, is stepping down from her post as co-president. She will remain active in the organization as a member of the board.

The group’s other co-president, editor/assistant editor Janis Vogel, will now be joined by Felix Cabrera, who will transition from board member to co-president. Cabrera is a senior producer at Black Hole/Lost Planet Editorial and has been an active member of the BCPC since its inception.

The BCPC is also expanding its leadership, welcoming filmmaker Grace McNally and John Gallagher, who is director of technology for BMCC’s Media Arts & Technology program. McNally is transitioning from board chairperson to the executive committee role, where she will work alongside industry veteran and educator John Gallagher to strengthen relationships, secure funding and enable the organization to expand its programs.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve on the board of an organization that will be more effective in making positive change to our industry without me at the lead,” says Hinsen. “Sometimes it takes a catalyst for change to make you consider how you could run things more effectively, and I really believe that this new leadership, alongside our board, is going to make the BCPC the best it can possibly be.”

The Blue Collar Post Collective is grassroots organization supporting emerging talent in post production.

Main Image: L-R: John Gallagher, Janis Vogel, Grace McNally and Felix Cabrera.

BCPC gains non-profit status, names board

Two years ago, the Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC) formed in New York City. It was created by young post professionals who wanted to promote a feeling of community and camaraderie. They started small with meet-ups in local pubs, and then they grew by inviting manufactures to take part and share info about their tools. Then came tech panels. Now they are expanding further with the appointment of an executive committee, various sub­-committees and a board.

In addition, the group has also been awarded not-for-profit status as an organization, which allows the BCPC to accept funding and donations to develop additional programs that will assist low-income post pros in accessing resources.

“It is part of our mission to make sure we never charge for membership or entry to our events,” explains BCPC co-president Janis Vogel. “Although there is increasing support for freelancers and inclusivity in the film and television industry, there are still significant challenges to finding a financially sustainable career path in post production. By achieving not-for-profit status for BCPC, we are able to receive grants and funding to launch programs that directly benefit those in the post industry who need it most.”

The BCPC board members for the coming year are: freelance producer at Radical Media, New York, Grace McNally; DI assistant at Light Iron New York James Reyes; workflow supervisor at Bling Digital, Los Angeles Kylee Peña; producer and editor Julie “Bob” Lombardi; workflow producer at Bling Digital, New York Leo De Wolff; VFX/motion graphics and senior producer at Black Hole/Lost Planet Felix Cabrera; editor Zac Stuart-Pontier; film writer and historian Bobbie O’Steen; managing director at Deluxe/Company 3 New York Domnic Rom; director of production R&D at HBO Rod Bogart.

“We aim to have a board that represents the post community at all levels, to oversee and advise us in our work to bring the community together. We are truly honored to have such an incredible team,” reports co-president Katie Hinsen (who is pictured with Vogel in our main image).

BCPC hosting documentary editing panel as fundraiser

The Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC), a grassroots organization that supports emerging post talent, is presenting “Editor Conversations v1: Cutting and Recutting the Documentary Scene,” a four-person panel discussion featuring experienced documentary editors such as Mona Davis (Frontline), Dena Mermelstein (Strickland), Mariah Rehmet (Stretch and Bobbito) and Zac Stuart-Pontier (The Jinx).

“We’re excited to announce this as the first of a series of editor conversations that will give people access to masters of the editing craft, in the intimate and friendly environment that the BCPC is known for,” says BCPC co-president Janis Vogel.

The event takes place on March 17 at Technicolor Postworks in New York City. Get tickets here.

“This event is a fundraiser to support the Blue Collar Post Collective Professional Development Accessibility Program, which will enable low-income members of the post community to have equal access to important industry events that are otherwise inaccessible due to cost,” says Vogel.

   zak image3 cropped   
Panelists Mona Davis, Zac Stuart-Pontier and Mariah Rehmet.

Each panelist will screen a short scene from their body of work; first, they will show something from the early rough-cut stage and then the same scene at a later fine-cut stage.

They will also discuss the process of scene revision: how to talk about it with your director, how to see a scene with fresh eyes, how to reshape content, what that means for the overall narrative and how to make this a successful process.

All four panelists have a deep well of experience in theatrical, broadcast and web post, and will take questions from BCPC members in the audience.

Quick Chat: Blue Collar Post Collective’s Janis Vogel

By Randi Altman

Heidelberg, Germany-born and Martha’s Vineyard-raised Janis Vogel (@didyoumeanjanis) now resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, making her living editing documentaries, television documentary series, experimental films, fiction, music videos and promos.

Her academic background is interesting — she came into filmmaking with a fine arts perspective. “My favorite film teacher was experimental film and sound artist Ann Steurnagel at Wellesley College.” Vogel then went to graduate school to earn an MFA in directing Continue reading

Behind the Title: Light Iron finishing artist Katie Hinsen

Katie Hinsen, finishing artist at NYC’s Light Iron, brings a diverse creative and technical background to her job, and a background that includes offline and online editing, visual effects, stereoscopic 3D and color.

A native New Zealander, Hinsen began her career in the late ‘90s as a lead DI editor at Park Road Post in Wellington, working on Knowing, The Lovely Bones and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. She was also part of the Oscar-nominated team for Best Achievement in Film Editing and Best Achievement in Visual Effects on District 9.

In 2010 she moved to New York, taking a position at Goldcrest Post where she worked on feature films and documentaries as a finishing and visual effects artist. She landed at Light Continue reading

Giving back for the common good


CHRISTCHURCH, NZ — Katie Hinsen is a Quantel artist, among other things, at NYC-based Goldcrest Post. She is also a native New Zealander. On a recent month-long trip home, she started a mentoring project, along with her mother Mary Hinsen, who runs a non-profit that facilitates anti-bullying projects in New Zealand schools.

“Her unique strategy is that she has the students come up with ideas, and her organization puts the kids with the right professionals to help them make their ideas happen,” explains Hinsen.

Continue reading