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Bilingual editor Alejandro Delgado joins Hooligan

Hooligan, a NYC-based creative post production boutique that specializes in artistic offline editing and visual effects, has hired editor Alejandro Delgado. From Spain, Delgado brings nearly two decades of experience editing film, television and commercial content for markets across Europe and the Americas. His signing marks Hooligan’s commitment to serving the needs of its agency and brand clients in both the general and US Hispanic market.

“It’s an asset to have an editor like Alejandro who can translate different cultural and lingual nuances through visual storytelling and dialogue,” remarks Hooligan president/editor Kane Platt. “He brings a rare combination of artistry, technical skill and work ethic to his craft. But most of all, everyone knows Alejandro for his big heart and unselfish attitude — traits that perfectly align with the collaborative culture we stand for at Hooligan.”

Delgado previously worked with Hooligan as a freelancer on campaigns for Apple, the NYC Langone Institute and Invokana.

Born and raised in Madrid, Delgado’s filmmaking career took off in his native city as a senior editor and visual effects director at Delirium Post, cutting campaigns for Audi, McDonald’s, Fiat and Sony, among many other prominent brands in Spain. In 2003, he started a lengthy freelance career working with top production and post facilities in Europe, as well as Blue Rock in New York City. Notable on his reel from this period is the Bronze Cannes-honored campaign for Renault and award-winning spots for McDonald’s and Mercedes.

Then came tenures at New Art Miami and 2150 Editorial, working in the Hispanic and Latin American markets on award-winning campaigns for AT&T, Wendy’s and DirecTV Latin America.

“It’s an interesting time right now as US Hispanics continue to redefine the consumer silos —and how marketing and advertising strategies react,” explains Delgado. “This has led to a greater demand for the production of bilingual content in the States, as we’re already seeing more and more campaigns shot in Spanish and English, rather than two different campaigns.”

Paul Marangos brings his Flame expertise to Hooligan in NYC

Paul Marangos has joined New York editing and VFX boutique Hooligan as senior visual effects Flame artist. He has over 20 years of post experience, with an eight year tenure at The Mill and stops at London’s Cell, LA’s The Finish Line, Johannesburg’s Blade and Scarlet in NYC.

He has already wrapped up several projects with Hooligan, including commercials for Citi and Match.com, and Indrani’s short film Crescendo, curated by Pepsi in conjunction with the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


“I’ve always enjoyed working with editors, and Hooligan provides me the opportunity to step out of traditional facilities and work directly with them in order to continue doing what I do best,” says the South African born Marangos.

“Paul always seems to be way ahead of me,” adds Kane Platt, president/senior editor at Hooligan. “He always knows what I’m working on and what the creative challenges are, and will call me into to his room to look at wonderful visual ideas before I’ve even started cutting. It’s an enthusiasm that one rarely finds — and it usually leads to great things.”

Over the years Marangos has contributed to commercials for brands such as Nike, BMW, Taco Bell, Lexus, Honda, Guinness, Cadburys, Samsung and Pepsi. His advertising reel is highlighted by Nando’s Cannes Lion-honored “Dictator” campaign and FNB’s 2010 World Cup ad in which he seamlessly composited a full stadium using only 150 people.

Marangos has also worked on graphics packages for major networks and TV shows, including the Sucker TV, and the 2001 feature film “Hannibal. His special effects work can be found in music videos for Oasis (Right Here, Right Now) and Mariah Carey (My All), as well as Björk, Madonna, Goldfrapp, Kyle Minogue, Radiohead and Elton John.

Meet The Editor/Owner: Kane Platt

Kane Platt

COMPANY: NYC’s Hooligan (http://www.hooligannyc.com), @hooligan_nyc)

A creative post production boutique specializing in artistic offline editing and visual effects.


Being involved in film projects often from their inception through completion. Helping to strengthen stories and heighten a film’s emotional impact. Bringing clarity and fresh perspective.

I think people would be surprised by how much politics plays into the process. An editor often has a host of masters, from the director up through the client. Navigating all of those opinions while trying to maintain the integrity of the project can be extraordinarily time consuming, but worth the effort.

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