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iPi Soft V3 offers Kinect 2 sensor support, more

iPi Soft is offering Version 3.0 of its iPi Motion Capture markerless motion capture technology, which includes support for the new Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor, increased tracking speed, improved arm and leg tracking and a simplified calibration process.

Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft’s founder/chief technology architect, explains that iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0’s compatibility with the Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor lets users get closer to the camera, further reducing overall space requirements, while new calibration algorithms simplify the camera set up process and ensure more accurate tracking.

Here are the updates broken down: 10-20 percent faster tracking algorithms; improved calibration of multi-camera system with no need to manually align cameras; comprehensive feedback on calibration quality, which can save time by preventing the use of incorrect calibration data for tracking; improved tracking for arms and legs with fewer tracking errors; and redesigned user interface.

Additionally, there are several features related to the Kinect 2 sensor that iPi Soft plans to offer users in the near future. These include distributed recording (which will allow recording multiple Kinect 2 sensors using several PCs); up to 12-camera support; substantially increased tracking speed; selected limb clean up; and three actor tracking.

The new version of iPi Motion Capture has been used by production companies and videogame developers, including Rodeo FX, The Graphics Film Company and Ghost Town Media.

iPi Soft has introduced new subscription payment model with options for a yearly subscription for frequent software users or a three-month plan for those that only need the software on a limited per-project basis.

Prices range from $45.00 to $1,195.00 depending on the version of software (Express, Basic, Pro) and duration of subscription. Customers who purchased iPi Motion Capture Version 2 software after July 1st, 2014 will receive a free one-year subscription of V3. Customers with iPi Motion Capture V2 or V1 will receive a one-time 50 percent discount for a one-year subscription of Version 3.

Upgrading to Version 3 is optional, and a free 30-day trial for Version 3 is available